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Super League, especially the competitors have lost points in the last 3 weeks to get 3 draws and 6 points for opponents of the morale of Trabzonspor is experimenting. In the 11th week of the championship, the main rivals in the week to lose Bursaspor points against the guests in the field of 3 points with the password but the lead by 1-0 in the 87th minute of the match in the castle 1 was in the goal left in the Burgundy- bluish goal, coach Ünal Karaman criticism of the focus The point was.


Local newspapers in the city, Trabzonspor Bursaspor 1-1 game in the field after the game was responsible for the loss of points showed the director Ünal Karaman. Local newspapers, director Ünal Karaman nn wrong points, making changes to points out that the loss of "Unal burned" he also emphasized.

Journal of the Black Sea, "Hugo played, Unal is lit," "Trabzonspor, the absolute must win the game, coach Unal Karaman" lost 2 points after the wrong changes. Lost in the last 3 games 6 ad he said.

Newspaper Taka, "Forwarder came out, victory was", "Asal result of the last three games of Ünal hocanın vaporized in the last three games," he gave titles.

Günebakış newspaper, "Trabzon heavily injured", "Trabzonspor, Erzurum and Antalya after a blow in Bursa, seven strokes." Unal Karaman led Burak and Rodallega from the game and finished Trabzonspor.

Kuzey Ekspres newspaper, "forced beauty is not," "Trabzonspor could not bring the end of the match for a long time," he read the news headlines.

The Sonnokta newspaper, "Patience to a certain extent," "Trabzonspor continued the tradition of losing points against Bursaspor," he said.


However, Trabzonspor, the league's first game in 21 consecutive games after 3 games suffered points. Finally, the draws of the five games played in the 17-18-19-20 and 21 weeks of the 2017-18 season, the Burgundy-blues have lost points in three consecutive games for the first time in the next 21 games. Trabzonspor, led by coach Ünal Karaman, won 16 league points this week with 4 wins and draws in 11 weeks. Karaman also scored 1.45 points in this period.


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