100 Percent Tax Rate! – Batuhan ÇOLAK


Now we have to name it.

economists do not grow in Turkey, economic management zero power!

Although we are one of the few countries that can be self-sufficient, we have a significant advantage in terms of employment and young people in terms of employment, we can not recover.

We are in a crisis that has been cautious.

Especially narrow and middle income groups do not have room to breathe.

The latest walk from SCT to cell phones is also deplorable.

Professor Başkent University Ozan Bingöl shared an important detail about the walk of SCT. Bingol, in his analysis of the fact that tax rises to 100%. The relevant section in Bingöl's analysis is as follows:

As you know, when you buy a cell phone, you pay TRT Bandrol, Special Consumption Tax and VAT, and the TRT Bandrol fee is included in SCT's excise tax. making a greater impact due to taxes and similar elements.

For example, let's look at the prices of a phone with a tax-free price of £ 2,000 before and after the SCT regulation.

While the SCT rate is 25%, the TRT bandrol + SCT + VAT will be increased to 50%, since a cell sold for TL 3.245 will be 3,894 TL. Therefore, because of the increase in SCT 550 TL tax plus tax on the phone as 550 TL plus, while the special tax on VAT, the final reflection of the increase in SCT is 649 TL.

In other words, by paying a tax of 1,245 TL corresponding to 63% of the tax-free price for a phone with a tax-free price of 2,000 TL, we will pay 94.7% of the tax-free price, ie 1894 TL. Welcome to financial discipline. "

1894 pounds of tax on 2,000 pounds of phone!

We are at the end of economic management.

This place is very important.

After the delivery of the economy to the groom "Look here is very important" ritual should be seen from the eyes of the citizen.

Because the state, of a product that does not produce, the product is demanding the price of the tax!

Is there such a system of taxation?

We now understand better why the rhetoric of rhetoric and the target shows are still happening to cover up the economic congestion before the election.

Because this system of unbelievable taxation kills the citizen. That should be kept from making anyone sound. You look at the war with the economic world, you are looking at a clash with the imperialists!

The enemy is also, the end of the survivors problem still does not exist!

What happens when a strange citizen? At a time when the world is struggling: "We give our lives to my brother, with this inflation, can not we bring bread to our house with this economy?"

Every opportunity "the Syrians have spent so much, our hearts are rich, we are the ancestors of the Ottoman tantanas", those who come, come …

If you are so rich in your hearts, let's cut taxes!

From the phone you did not produce, you require both tax and the phone itself!

What is our crime? Why are we paying more taxes because we are citizens of this country?

But is not that another problem?

You need those taxes to be able to call the trillions of Mercedes "cookie money," right?

Warm-up costs of summer-winter palaces, wages, municipalities, employees, party expenses

What will it be like if we do not have taxes?

Well then, for your pleasure, you ate very well!

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