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Some of the games in the series that we once liked to play are now completely determined. The production companies, instead of trying everything, chose to stretch stories and games like rubber. Now we compile games that should come to an end.

While some series of games still hold a new perspective on the story, some are now just profitable. Players can easily feel this situation in many games. Unlike the early games as much as the game is not thought of, as opposed to a beautiful game to reveal the name of the series just, each new game continues with it.

10. Mass Effect:

Mass Effect: Andromeda was not a bad game, but it was not good enough to meet expectations. Unfortunately, the game did not reach its goal with the new characters. While BioWare's efforts to bring back the series are admirable, it is sometimes necessary to leave them in place.

9. Five Nights at Freddy Nightss

Five Nights at Freddy's was much loved because it brought a new point of view to the horror games when his first piece was released. After this success, the developers launched a new game. This move was also very logical, but the developers of the game, who marketed the game, five FNAF games playing the game officially spammers. Even if no one asked about the new game, you could see a new FNAF game in a few months. When you see the same horror scene a thousand times, the game is no longer terrible.

From August 2014 to July 2018, we have seen 6 games in full, of this series, it is said that it continues …

8. Sonic:

Sonic Blue Hedgehog is definitely among the popular classics. Everyone has played a Sonic game at least once. The games were very enjoyable and many people had a great time playing Sonic games. Of course, it's good to try everything eski With the new games, all games have become copies of each other and the old air of the Sonic world has completely disappeared.


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7. Tomb Raider:

If you think that Lara Croft's adventures started on PlayStation 1 in 1996, you can understand why the game should not continue. As the game presents a similar story in different forms and presents us, the effect of the series began to diminish. Although we are one of the most powerful female characters in videogame history, we think that Lara Croft should now be removed and replaced by someone else.

6. Metal Gear:

Hideo Kojima, Konami & # 39; le manners after separating the spirit from the Metal Gear series would not be wrong. Although there is a team trying to bring back what Kojima brings, it can not be said that they have accomplished this task. When the person who writes, manages, constructs, and designs pieces, the series falls in quality.

5. Flatout:

The game that has answered the question of how many different ways you can break a car has stopped trying. While Bugbear Entertainment's FlatOut series showed a very different concept in the first two games, it gives the sign that it is now a challenge with the last two games. Bugbear seems to have left behind this series because the latest games are not so popular, but we are still not sure.


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4. Resident Evil:

We need to make a statement before we discredit the Resident Evil series. Those who are surprised by this game will probably tell you that the game is really good. We agree with you, but here we oppose the fact that the games are still connected with the same name. When you look at Resident Evil 7 you can see that the game has nothing to do with previous games. If the game, which had no connection to the story, had been presented in a different series, maybe it was not on our list, but Resident Evil could not save us from being on our list because it was so obvious that now was a profit.

3 The Sims:

It's a series that is even known for games, Sims. It's not so fun to build our own home and family and do what we want with them. Sims enjoy a few games during the new games are coming again as a replay. Also, you are really bored after you have made a family for the fifteenth time and made a home. Of course, except for the graphics and price enhancements, the game remains the same.

2. Pro Evolution Soccer:

How many of you still have PES 2013? We are in 2019, and so far 6 new PES games have not reflected the impact of the 2013 game. Last year, PAMS had a heavy blow against the Konami producer EA. With its unlicensed teams linking leagues and players, it has now moved away from realism. Konami has released a free version of PES with its own internal economy.

1. Call of Duty:

The Call of Duty series was launched 15 years ago and 15 Call of Duty games. In addition, in this issue, numerous mobile games and DLC have no place. If we include zombie games, we will find 25. Often, II. World War II, the Cold War, possible III. Doing the work of World War II, now began to taste pumpkin. The game has reached the point that Call of Duty even had a parody game. The Parody game will not work well, so Activision continues to remove the Call of Duty series without slowing down.


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Now we come to the end of the content that we listed in the series of games that started to taste pumpkin. You can share the games that you think should be included in the list with the comments section.


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