"Zirot" indicates Thailand's pride, not likely to support "Big Tuo", risking the greatest opposition in history


Thai Pride

ม์ Zirot & # 39; indicates that Thai pride is not likely to support ก Big Tu & # 39; risking the greatest opposition in history.

Sirotam Klampaibun, the famous listener Mentioned the political attitude of the party Thai Pride He stated that Khun Anuti and the Pride Thai Party were constantly talking about being on the side of the power of the public and General Prayut. But I think if we decided for a real reason

Khun Anut will not. Because the state power, no party at hand at this time, even the total number of party members who have not joined the government with "Democracy" Even fewer than half MPs in the House of Commons

Later, the power of the state government used the voice of 250 senators that General Prayut set out to choose General Prayut as prime minister. President Prayut will be a government with a voice. MPs support a bit While the opposition "Democratic Party" has almost half of the MPs combined. What is considered the greatest opposition in history Who is the government in this condition is heavy And who found this opposition really difficult

No matter how General Prayut has "helpers" to be cousins ​​The administration of General Prayut's government is very difficult. Many gurus estimate that this type of government is indeed short-lived. Until someone joins the government to risk losing their reputation as soon as General Prayut closes the political scene.

Source Sirote Klampaiboon (Zirot Klampaiboon)

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