Friday , October 22 2021

Young is invulnerable to the cause of the post's exclusion, talking about a new future.


Can be called political issue For the case of the new drama of the future party, as well as the young, a famous young actor who has been moving through the personal Instagram on political issues From the case of Chor Phannanik, the new party's future spokesman Post inappropriate images on the high Including the hot issue of the new future party, such as the examination of 120 million Cobra node

Previously, the invulnerable man posted a message. In a private Instagram on politics is an image that "If the new future does not respect I would like to die with the old future …" and specify the caption that "It is not a coincidence, so … I think … many things, Gohan .. Hey … just complaining … Not that someone … like a middle-aged man "made the drama a point in the drama. Very social

Finally, the young man was invulnerable and could not resist the drama. He left to explain what he had posted Specify the message that "I love the monarchy … very proudly … If I hear someone disrespect … blaspheme what I love … I feel bad as normal … What I've posted until it's become a matter of drama, sorry to everyone involved … I deleted because I did not want anyone to fight in my post.Use words that are not educated or that become one of the people who make this division more in society.

"And I do not want anyone to feel bad about me … let's talk like a man that I am, in fact, a Thai person who earns his living honestly and does not focus on any political party … and looks at political opinions as Very normal … I was wrong to post this, with little reflection to forget the institution's love, there are people who think differently … Anyway, I will not post anything more related to politics … to be a personal opinion … Sorry … of the young man's heart playing, probably "

After the story was released in the world, social networks have made many netizens comment. That some have come to say it Selection Democracy Become yourself do not love you so much You have to choose – will the dictator love you? I understand that everyone loves me, but if I want to starve myself there are many difficult people. Help think a little Lute, we're Thai too

Some say #makkhai, not good. Because the first sentence was opened and took you as a shield This is if you think about seeing differently in politics, please take it out of the various sentences Otherwise it will become a stupid person who only speaks love, loves you , love you, see different. But if you want to starve yourself while deleting the post because of that, we say it's funny, people want democracy. And I do not want to starve.

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