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Young couple, sore leg Do not get up in the movies, please clarify the cause, there is anger!


Young couple, sore leg Do not get up in the movies, please clarify the cause, there is anger!

It has become a very shared story Overnight in the online world when there is a girl Post to Facebook account experience In a movie visit With her own brother But was followed by a man following After not standing, respecting before the movie Due to sore legs

For the last Pantip member number 821061, which indicates that they are the only ones in the event. And who has a story with this girl? I wrote on the subject in the section "Clarify the news Do not stand up, show respect and be informed by the police."

When I post this, "I am a person who is a problem." Sorry, it did this kind of behavior And it did not come out first Because I do not want this to increase But now it is widely shared Both friends, brothers and sisters, or family members That's what the news says. I'd like to explain it.

The story is this. I went to see a movie with one of my friends around 8:30 in the Major, and I went to the movies around 8:35 p.m., because I went to the bathroom first. When he entered, he went to sit on the bench. When I observe that there are three seats in front of me: women, men and women (who injure their legs) The three people know each other (I saw them talking to each other). My friend and I got up. Others in the factory rose. To show respect for the monarchy

But in front of me With brother and another friend sitting in row D, only the man in the middle bench stood alone (From the reading on the news post The woman Just informing me that I watched the movie with two brothers and sisters. that 3 people did not know why?) Both women Sitting in a well-prepared cloth I do not know why. To inspire yourself to lean over to ask

Are they Thai? (Say the normal tone that I say Not having any jolts)
"I hurt my leg"
So I continued: "Do you know that someone was sued? Notified"
"Oh, there's a reason."
I just answered "yes" and then I walked away.

After that, I sat down. And watching movies, eating normal popcorn. He did not care about it. He considered me saying. He does not do it, it's right from him. During the movie to the end, I tried not to let my legs or knees hit my chair (long legs, sometimes changing my sitting position). You can go to the front seat)

When the film has finished looking ahead Pay attention, think again. Saying he could not stay because of a leg injury Can you walk? But again, I thought the song had ended for a long time. To tell him or what he will find How often will we see the movie with him? So I got up before he got up. And left the factory.

My friend went to the bathroom. I walked in. As I left I walked over to the woman (her leg ached), I walked in front of the bathroom entrance. She walked to the entrance to enter the bathroom. She turned and

Shout out
"Yes, the person who asked at the factory?"
I turned my face. "Yes".
She pointed to see the wound on the leg. "This is a rat wound."
"Where I can not stay, why walk?" I answered and moved.
Then she came to me and said, "I have to get up. Why?"
This word 1 minute of respectful position Must suffer this? And entered the cinema Is not torture?
So I got angry.

I said "well, I can report the capture" (I have been listening to this news for a long time as well). That someone was informed of the prison because I could not stand to show respect for the institution), but I did not think about anything. It is not a story. I finished at the factory. I do not know why I have to say hello to me, even though it has passed. I left, speaking with emotion. "Standing here, will you die? Can you walk?" (Sorry, emotional control, not talking, not thinking)

Then she said "Please tell me," he repeated all the time.
So I took her hand and said, "Let's go, let's go together."

She did not try to resist, but always said she was giving me the challenge. I tried to hold her hand again. But she forced herself and said, "That's a threat to me." At the end of the speech, I let go and told her, "Where do I threaten you? You want me to report. I'll take you to report together at the hotel."

And I asked for her ID card To inform her of the request But she did not give During that time I said that Why the Thais are standing for just 1 minute? We both discussed and discussed. She still talks to report periodically. Until I had to call 191 to inform her of the challenge

"Hello, I'd like to let you know I've come to see the movie, when the music is up There are people who can not stand to show respect."

Police "The nonsense thing you … .."
The police spoke for a moment, then put the line.
During that time I and my friend and his brother (which I think is a girlfriend) goes down the escalator together. And she asked. Did you report it?

I said, "I did not tell you to hang up." And I kept speaking Thai, only 1 minute Why can not I?
At that time, she was angry with me. Saying only the same things And she speaks in English phrases I can get the police, what is it? I do not think I do not speak English in my face. When I asked him if he was Thai
As I walked to the car I pointed to the man who came with

"Your girlfriend is still standing.Why are not you standing?
She replied, "Which of the fans?" Turn left, turn right.
"That brother."
Oh or hahahahaha
Then I shook her. "What is the right to call me brother? Your face is old."
She replied, "This guy is 35, right?"
I "huh"
And each of them went back to the car.

As for the story we came to see 3 people but the last left 2 people because the women who did not get up again She stood up in the middle of the story. When I got up, I saw that I talked to the man and walked. If you remember not to miss I understand that going to the bathroom But did not wait to see if it would arrive Until he realized that he had lost a person He again asked a friend who was with a friend, saying that she left in the middle of the story

I have to apologize. To pull your hand Speak loudly to you Say that you are mentally retarded (remember not to speak at any time) It is because of the anger I am angry because of your words. It all matters if I'm wrong I'm happy to take responsibility. Accept all actions But let the story end just this The story does not hold, it's delicate. Arguing there is only a waste No one can benefit everyone, but the institution does not show the same. I can go insult you. I'm really sorry. Then I'll be more careful. "

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