Why do not you? If you've been raped by a doctor I've had a relationship before.


NIDA reveals why girls do not cry When I heard the doctor was raped. Confirmation never correlated. There are also many victims. More evidence. But do not open …

The case of the NIDA case was unfolding as the complaints of young patients. I was raped by a doctor while I was inside a clinic in Nakhon Sawan and transferring money to three hundred thousand to redeem. You suspect that. Will the doctor and the victim be known in advance?

NIDA Yannaran Hope Sukcharoen revealed People think the victim was treated at the clinic for the second time, the first time nothing happened, the second time after the move. Go to bed in bed By the doctor. It's how to prepare the equipment. I went to turn out the lights and turned to see before. Something implanted in my body. But this is strange. The doctor leaned over the doorknob and locked it. Embracing the kiss part is not confirmed.

When asked why there were no cries for assistance, the NIDA lawyer stated that the victim was very large. Our fear is different. Some may fear that if they persist, they will hurt, which after leaving the room. I know I was raped. But leave it for a long time. Because the victim did not know. Where is the evidence? No one saw it raped. That came later I had no contact with the doctor.

When asked about this chat line. That's nice. Before that, the doctor told the victim. I know there's a message. The doctor spoke. Even stress. To find a psychiatrist. The question is how to get in touch with the number. When everyone goes to the doctor. Must have a personal profile is normal. Chat has much more. But we can not.

NIDA said the cause of the transfer of money to 300 thousand because they want to compromise. Due to this process. The victim is not a child. There is a conversation after the money transfer confirming that the victim has not had a relationship with the doctor. Then come to me. If there is evidence, open it. And we do not accept three hundred thousand to finish the story. I did a lot of that. But do not you dare speak. He suffered for life.

That's why NIDA revealed that the news never said that. The incident occurred where, in addition to saying that Nakhon Sawan, then someone called. I did not. What is the reason for this? There are no less than 10 cases of chest pain. That said, come inside. When asked to argue that stimulate. First check Some cases are dealt with as well. Both are missing. And do not expire We'll bring it all.

There are also medical personnel. Called to ask. I've been practicing with this doctor and been harassed.

However, NIDA also posted a message through the Nido Facebook page. "The question that society doubts I do not know what to do Not in online society I can not explain it all The benefit of the NID is too great to get high with the beat of winning at this stage This is not the answer. .. only that.

How do you feel about it? If you are ready to provide information I have a lot to do with Nida lawyer fighting millions.

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