Friday , October 22 2021

Watch Dogs Legion New gameplay Allowing players to play like anyone else


At E3, Ubisoft announced the next part of the Open World game, "Hack." It all came as a weapon for the 3rd edition of the "Watch Dogs Legion" series, with innovations in the game that no one has ever seen from Ubisoft Toronto. A Studio Behind the Scenes Players are therefore free to "Play Like Anyone"

Every Londoner in the open world of the game will be created perfectly. Have their own lives and their own backgrounds And players can convince anyone of the total number of citizens to join the team Each character will affect different moves according to the story of this character when they join the team. Players will choose their classes, such as add levels, unlock skills. Including new upgrades, players can easily switch between characters to deal with the challenges of the game in the way they want. Using hacking, using drones or fighting methods Stealing Fighting and fighting

Whether focusing on life or focusing on the subject in the Legion Watch Dogs, player choice will have a huge impact. If you choose not to kill anyone Enemies will try to focus on arresting players. But if the player chooses to kill then his characters can get hurt or die permanently.

In Watch Dogs Legion, players will be able to persuade their team to play online. By being able to join the highest team
4 people in cooperative mode that can be used together in single player mode and online mode.

In addition, Ubisoft also announced Watch Gold Legion's Ultimate and Collector's Editions game.
Gold Edition comes with basic games and Season Pass

• Ultimate Edition will include the Gold Edition game and Ultimate Digital content, including four weeks of VIP status to gain experience and quicker cash.

• The collector's edition will include the Ultimate Edition package with replicas, replica Ded Coronet LED masks, unique Steelbook® Steel Boxes, three sets of stickers and two-sided advertising posters. Which are all inspired in the game world And also make use of the mask in the game instantly as well.This Collector's Edition is available for sale on Ubisoft Store.

For fans who purchase Gold games, Ultimate or Collector's Editions will receive the game 3 days before the normal release date and fans who pre-order the Watch Dogs Legion game will receive a Golden King Pack containing skins. "Uneasy Lies Mask", "Serpent Sisters" and "Lux"

In addition, Ubicollectibles also introduced the new Watch Dogs Legion of London, inspired by the Watch Dogs world, with a 26 cm tall figure and a DedSec hand in a unique gesture. Using a mask, Winston or King of Hearts (with two replaceable heads) and foot stepping on the helm of Albion's forces as a member of the London Resistance Forces. There are also pieces of the Black Jack flag that was burned. To convey the decadence of the city In addition, there will be a DLC code to unlock the mask in games like "King of Hearts" for free.

The Watch Dogs Legion will be available worldwide on March 6, 2020 on the PlayStation 4, in the Xbox One family with Xbox One X, Windows PC and Google Stadia. Significantly, Uplay + is a new Ubisoft service. As a service for PC, you can see details Uplay + more click


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