Watanart: I do not need to play well every time. I just want to help the team win.


An important person in the elephant battle. And the team set a new record. After group break. In the ASEAN 2018 Championship


Thailand national team midfielder. Admit it At the beginning of the steps to see everyone. By influencing the team's offensive team, all four shots from the assists after the end of the group. In the ASEAN 2018 Championship

Besides the salary will be the most active at the moment. The 29 year old is also a Thai player. Create a chance for teammates. Winning the most goals with 11 times, plus Thai players. The 220-ball with the elephants passed through the semifinals. As champion, Group B

"Feel good We won the final and feel good too At least now I make everyone see this I'm standing right now Because of the efficiency of the game, Wat said.

I look back and see if other teams make the decision Mark (sing), I'm the only one in Singapore who interviews and does people like golf (Adisak Kesor) or Arm (Supachai Udomsook). The more I play, the better I am.I do not need to play well all the time.I just have to help the team is enough.

"As a shock to the Singapore players, it was admitted that if it was before.I have a lot of emotions, but today I feel like I want to show the performance for everyone.the day everyone attacked me.It makes me focus more on football and of course, I will continue to work hard.To prove that everyone is seeing each other. "

When asked How to make a new record When you shoot more goals. After a 15-goal victory over the former top scorer in 1996 and 2004 with 13 consecutive goals scored by four goals from True's midfielder, United said.

"If we work like that, and people are still negative, it does not matter, because we get a lot of points, but if people still have bias, we can not change who we are, but with that statistic, I'm happy to be here."

"Before the game, we did not care about that, I personally, Every time I play, I think I can do it, Let's see who we are, Go home happy, We're cheering on TV. It's the most important thing. "

"People who criticize the way I play really understand first because I like to play I still feel it Why do I have to play the game But if anyone knows that this coach really knows what coaches are and where they come from , we must accept them.With what the coach is doing "

"We may not be playing a nice offensive game But I feel We play football as a team Get more team And while our opponents attacked and we did not lose the door It also gives us the chance to score more goals, I feel it is a new dimension To play football, I actually play soccer as a team. "We make the offensive line more comfortable." "I think we have improved a lot.

"Of our hard work already.We will work more.I do not know.What is the final conclusion.But what I have confirmed.We are all full of course," he said.

For the Thai national team to visit the Malaysian national team. At the 2018 ASEAN Championship, the first semifinals will be played on December 1, 2018 and will return to their second home on December 5, 2018 at Rajamangala Stadium.

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