Volunteer Friends, PSU For the last time, & # 39; If it was the last hug, I would hug and hug you for as long as possible


Volunteer Friends, PSU For the last time, & # 39; If it was the last hug, I would hug and hug you for as long as possible

From the case of 8 villains dressed as military officers Use of firearms to force police force Nares Eadthong, 31 From the tea shop in the Moo 2 area, Bukit Subdistrict, Krong Ai Rong district, Narathiwat province During the night of February 26 Later he found the police corps, who were shot in the head, died, leaving a ditch. The truck was burned.

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February 27 Reporters reported that Facebook MemberThapakorn Changkaew Posted to T.T. Nares, a friend who died of mourning What "Mag's friend, Mack, the day you can examine the police Even though the backup account account has been added, once you said that if he called Koo he's determined to be a good cop. Take care of the southern border that loves you the best. Today my friends fulfilled their obligations until the last minute of life. Sleep well, friend, mag Professional painter of the Volunteer Club for Rural Development of Pattani "

# Mr. Ying Ten Police Lieutenant Naret Iedthong, Chor.
Watering the body today, February 27, 2019, around 4:00 p.m. In Khu Khut Temple, Khudu Subdistrict, Sathing Phra District, Songkhla Province
Prayer of Athitatham 28-1 March 2019
Cremation Creation on Saturday, March 2, 2019

While the Facebook page Volunteer Club Development Prince of Songkla University Surat Thani Campus has We know that everything has nothing to live together forever, but at least every memory, every feeling is good, will remain forever if it is embracing the last two. Hug her and hold her for as long as possible

> Mack Status on September 2, 2016 <
– My Max – @ Nares Eiadthong Asa & Tani Tani
Memories of Memories, February 26, 2019

The Volunteer Club Prince of Songkla University
Surat Thani Campus

Sorry From the unrest situation in the three southern border provinces of the event, found the body of T. Nares Eadthong, 31 years old, under the jurisdiction of the Royal Thai Police. Songkhla, 1 in 2 people who were trapped by villains in the Buke Village, Moo 2, Bukit Subdistrict, Penang district, Narathiwat Province, body was shot with guns. Please show me my regrets.
With the Ead Thong family And the volunteer brothers again

Thanks to the images and information from Thapakorn Changkaew And volunteer development club Prince of Songkla University Campus of Surat Thani

Read the news Commended to hunt down and kill the brutal 2 T's. Unfortunately, take the body back home.


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