Tour should know! 22 provinces did not open a pub – bar – massage parlor!


Tour should know!

Bars and Pubs – On November 22, the Government Gazette issued a decree requiring the establishment of a service facility.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Brunei The royal real graciously. To announce that it is convenient to revive the locality, refrain from permission to establish a public order center.

By virtue of Article 175 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand and Section 5 of Act of Service BE 2509, he was graciously graciously satisfied. The royal decree is as follows.

  • Article 1 This Royal Decree "The Royal Decree prescribes the places not to allow the establishment of service establishments in 2018"
  • Section 2 This Royal Decree shall come into force from the day following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
  • Section 3

(1) Royal Decree which prescribes the province of Nakhon Nayok. Phichit Province, Satun Province, Sukhothai Province And Ang Thong Province. The locality forbids the establishment of service establishments in 2002.

(2) Royal Decree that prescribes the province of Kanchanaburi. Kamphaeng Province Phet Province Chai Nat Province, Chumphon Province, Nonthaburi Province, Pathum Province Thani Pattani Phayao Province, Phayao Province, Phetchaburi Province, Yasothon Province, Ranong Province, Sisaket Province Sakon Province Nakhon Singburi Suphanburi Nong Khai Province Nong Bua Lam Phu and Uthaithani The town forbids the establishment of service establishments in 2002.

  • Section 4. It is not allowed to configure a service.

(1) Kamphaeng Phet
(2) Chai Nat
(3) Chumphon
(4) Nakhon Nayok
(5) Nonthaburi
(6) Nan
(7) Pathum Thani
(8) Pattani
(9) Phayao
(10) Phang Nga
(11) Phichit
(12) Petchaburi
(13) Yasothon
(15) Sakon Nakhon
(17) Singburi
(18) Sukhothai
(19) Suphan Buri
(20) Nong Khai
(21) Ang Thong
(22) Uthai Thani

  • Section 5 This Royal Decree shall not apply to an establishment licensed before the date. This decree applies. And services located on the premises of the hotel, according to hotel law.
  • Article 6 The Minister of the Interior shall be in charge of this Royal Decree.


General Prayut Chanchan
Prime Minister

According to the Services Act (No. 4), 2003, in Section 3, the definition of

"Place of service" means a place created to provide services in the interest of commercial purposes, as follows:

(1) Dance venues or dance clubs are usually involved in categories with and without a partner.

(2) places where food, alcohol, tea, or other beverages are sold and served; There are people to serve customers.

(3) Bath, massage or steam bath provided by the client to the client.

(A) the place where the service was registered and licensed to be a practitioner of traditional medicine in the field of traditional Thai massage under the law governing the practice of the art of healing; Exemption from registration and licensing as a practitioner. Traditional Thai Massage Therapy Or a medical center under the law that governs a sanatorium.

(B) A place for health care or beauty announced by the Ministry of Public Health with the approval of the Minister of the Interior. Must have the characteristics of the place. The provider of services or services is in compliance with the norms promulgated by the Ministry of Public Health, with the approval of the Minister of Interior. Such notification shall specify the criteria and verification methods for certification in accordance with that standard.

(C) Other locations as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations.

(4) places where food, alcoholic beverages or other beverages are sold or served; It has one of the following patterns:

(A) Having music, musical performance, or any other performance for entertainment purposes, and consenting to or leaving the singer, actress, or other employee seated with the customer.

(B) arranging musical instruments for clients; The service to sing songs with customers. Or conside or abandon any other employee sitting with the client.

(C) Dance or consent to dance. Or dance, like on the stage or at the table dance.

(D) the nature of the place Lighting or sound Or any other equipment as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation.

(5) places where food, alcoholic beverages or other beverages are available. Make sure you have a concert or other fun show. Closed after midnight

(6) other locations as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations. "


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