This is love, right? Great concert, complete 12 years "Better Weather" with clear answers in mind


It can be called a horoscope that is not so beautiful it may be for the writer himself and for the Better Weather band because the last time they had the opportunity to watch their shows, they do not remember when After the break, the band released the I work very often. Since the album Better Than Looks in 2010 and Bitter Better Sweet in the next 3 years, there are only sporadic singles released. Besides the band's first big show 6 years ago … we missed it too

As soon as you know Best climate It will have a great show, plus 3 new songs from the last album Run for the Better Future, Part I Which began to be released at the end of September last year, reminds us of the old aura that we are familiar with. Try to think back. All ages in the last 10 years We have the music of this pop band that has always been side by side. Although it may not be the most famous in the whole country But when I call Entering the first world on the hook, you can sing automatically.

This was introduced many lines, probably already known We appeared on the spot, Nakarin Space, the night and waiting. Better Together Concert 12 years, this is love, right? Big Weather's 12-year concert (which they say From the first day of release of the song "I do not know" Without being an unrelated artist) without hesitation … Suspicious

Eighteen clock fragments It's time for the opening of the event that night as Nap A Lean This can be considered "Nong Wong" (Lending some idol of the idols) of Better Weather can also be said in the native land of the north region. Including the direction of music that is a pop band, producing music because it is not very different, Nap A Lean also organizes every hit song. Collected from "Be careful to break", "Hidden love", "Stop, do not cry.", "No, she is not." And ended up with a song that makes the hall grow loud with the vocals "Do not miss it." Although there is a soundtrack that sounds light, not strong, and does not go out to the public, but the 4 camp boys Spicydisc As To – Hua-Bass-Don Also perform well on stage Considered a hot body that can be used

Nap A Lean

Resting for a single stage 3 members of Better Weather Dew-Thanapat Thanakornkan (Principal Vocal), Jack – Promphong Prompanyo (Low) and Fung-Akhachonchatcharapan (Guitar) take the stage Start the concert with 2 new songs and 1 old song like Love every day, "Guess what" AND "The climate changes frequently" In order you can create a lively atmosphere from the beginning

Like the band's 12th anniversary concert, all 3 of them chose to bring in old songs. That hardly any chance to throw dust. Fans of the new generation may not be familiar. But for the disciples to say that they can sing almost every part We listen to music like "Good old times", "I promise with my heart", "Worldwide", "Wake up" Including a set of deep songs "She's not the same", "Still" AND "Showcase" What 2 songs after holding that, if not this event, should not be an opportunity to listen

Best Weather Dew

In addition to being a singer who has a dishonest voice because one of the most in the industry, in his personal opinion, Dew is still considered an avid artist. In each session Dew can call a smile of the fans with a witty touch while exhaling with Jack, talking even a little. But uttering the sound of a loud scream everywhere

Best climate

Better mood strikes the mood of the viewer in long and sad music mode. "Why make tears", "Painful until I do not understand" Where they cover the work of Portrait (Poi-Wan Wan Chavalit Thamrong) Carry on with "There's no love" AND "Does not matter." This set says that people who are sensitive can have tears easily.

Best time jack

After that, it was the first time surprise with a guest that changed the mood and tone of the song. "Immunity" To become a totally different form Boy Lomosonic (Arithathapol Tan) Best members of the time of friends close to elementary school And also creating a sensation with all the photos that everyone is going, a student who is passionate about playing music And finish this period too "Feelings of today" Lomosonic music we had the opportunity to see a boy carrying a guitar and dew to sit behind the keyboard separately.

Lomosonic boy and joining the best time friends

Why does the smile do not know … Each song that has passed almost none of the songs that audiences in Nakarin Space can not sing. If there was a song, it would be "Relive" Songs that have not been released anywhere before Because in the album Run for the Better Part II Future Which is also a secret that will put the panel to the fans Whenever you meet, but the Better Weather kids do not want the fans to stand still. Even to request a karaoke on the back screen. "There's a broken heart every day.", "Keep up the good morning", "Love never ends" Considered 3 songs that many people think And that does not play Claro "Only" The heartfelt song of many people.

Although the presence on stage of the last 2 members Better Weather Bass-Panupat Sukanarak (Guitar) and Tum-Asawapongwongprasert (Drums) will not be a surprise Due to advance notice through the social media channels of the band But when these images actually happened God would be happy to be so grateful that it could not be mixed.

5 members of the pioneering era of Better Weather with the band logo at the beginning

If exactly The era of the original line-up that started the band was considered the most recent moment of Better Weather, that the new sensation returned in this show, besides 4 songs in them. Choose to play in that time period. "It's this love", "Not me", I never love you again And end with "I do not know" Who made a lot of tears Because I do not know when these 5 people will play again together, but definitely Dew-Fung-Jack Still continues to move forward on this dream path "Do not repent alone" Is the closing of the 2nd great concert in life perfect?

Low best time

Tum Better Time

Better Together Concert 12 years, this is love, right? It can be considered as a concert full of true happiness Especially with fans who follow Better Weather, it is the softness of the show. Each song that wants to hear (and hear) each element on stage creates a smile for two and a half hours. Although the venue is not a large scale giant But we think this is appropriate and is a highlight in sending power between artists and fans. If there is any question I would not escape the air inside the room that is quite crowded and does not transfer much

Soundtrack to Live Pop Bands Finding the perfect spot is not an easy task, but Better Weather has done a great job. There is only one set of songs that Jack puts on the bass and turns to press the synthesizer, which makes the music clear and sparse. But on returning to get the bass again The sound is perfect. Listen to the delicious and delicious ears. In addition, staff who do not have to give a lot of lectures for more than 10 years playing music together can easily be displayed. In addition, visual and lighting systems emphasize the mood of each song differently. Can be unique And be as sweet as possible

Best climate

Do not know if the next complete concert of Better Weather will happen again? Or when will that happen? But looking back at the lyrics of the song "Is This Love," which became part of the concert's title "Is This Love?"

Everyone's response tonight would be short. Just one syllable But overflowing with meaning and feeling

History by: Chanon B.
Photos by: BEC-Tero Music

>> Although weather changes frequently, but the identity of "Better Weather" remains the same, never changing.


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