Monday , July 26 2021

The SENA led the championship of the year 6161, breaking the historical record in 3 years

SENA Superior Form

SENA Fireworks announces the success of "Growth Hormone" according to the year of the road map & # 39; 61 Growing in all grades Recently, the second place, the highest number of condominiums launched, both in terms of Verlag and of quality, broke the historical record in 3 years.

SENA Superior Form – Ms. Kesara Thanyalakphak Executive Vice President, Sena Development Public Company Limited revealed that in the year 2018, there were several challenges. There has been pressure on operators to open new housing projects with care, competition in the market is still severe and the demand for housing is still limited. But with the company's strategy able to cover all segments of the investment portfolio last year Sena can break many records according to the target set.

For the year 2018, the past is considered the most remarkable year of the Sena in 3 years, both in terms of launching new projects with value and the highest number of units in second place in real estate. (Credit: Colliers International Thailand Research Department), especially if we look at the data in the last 3 years (from 2016 to the present, 2018) has an average growth rate of 15-20% and Launching the project and increasing the number In relation to 2016, 5 condominium projects, 1,654 units, worth 2,560 million baht, opened in 2017, 7 condominiums, 4,111 units, valued at 8,477 million baht and 2018, 9 condominiums, 6,397 units in the value of 22,030 million baht.

In addition, Sena has a strong trading partner. "Han Qian Shin Property Corporation" Jointly invest in the development of all projects currently 6 projects including 1. Niche Monkey, Sukhumvit-Bearing 2. Niche Pradopoon – Interchange 3. Niche Monkey, Charoennakorn 4. Niche Monkey Mega Space Bangna 5. Niche Mono Ramkhamhaeng and 6. Piti Ekamai, total value of 20,846 million baht, which generates satisfactory sales in all projects. In addition, Sena also owns pasters such as Acute Real Company. Ti, who came to the beach Managing sales professionals for many projects, including overseas marketing

The Sena has also introduced new technologies and innovations. Come and use all projects, both horizontal and vertical. Which is the first in Thailand to continue developing the project, focusing on using 100% clean energy, piloting the installation of a solar roof for each house AND electric car chargers ready for EV , as well as affiliates to install and distribute Thailand's major solar power systems. Including expanding the development of new features in the SENA 360 Service Application to complete, complete, complete after-sales service and take care of children at home anytime, anywhere

At the heart of this success, Sena has put the corporate campaign "MADE FROM HER", paying attention to every detail of a woman's concept life to create different points and product outlets for the project. The success of Sena today is the result of a vision combined with a long experience of senior management. And self-development, non-stop for sustainable housing development

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