The only one in Thailand! Somkiat showed world class form, Siu 10 won 6 points first, Moto Marquez two sides won the championship in Argentina.


Mark Marquez The Spanish world champion of the Rio Sol, the twist of the roll, to win the Moto GP Championship 2, the Argentine Grand Prix rising, leading the cheering in the table of the championship. "King Kong Kong" Somkiat Chantra One of the youngest players in Thailand in the world-class APR2 The Dream field of the AP Honda project, showing the world class form, Top 10, the first 6 points in Moto2. After the end of the world championship of motorcycles in the Lands of Rio Hondo, Argentina

Moto GP Batalha 2019, 2 stadiums, Argentine Grand Prix, speed duel in the middle of the night, Sunday, March 31, at Estadio Turismo Rio Hondo, Argentina In the Premier class, the total of 25 rounds

The game in this race has nothing to do with Mark Marquez, the Spanish world champion Honda Rio Sol, to start from the survey. And we started well from the first round. Before the first roll, the first round ended, winning the first championship this year, with a time of 41 minutes 43.688 seconds, leaving the second group to reach 9.816 seconds. 12

From Marquez's excellent form, after winning second place in Qatar and winning in Argentina, resulting in becoming a leader in the championship table, there are 45 points in addition to helping Honda. As a sergeant on the team of builders

In addition, there is a competition at the 2019 World Championship Moto II, which is the only Thai upset at the World Grand Prix, "King Kong Kong" Somkiat Chandra, the owner of the number 35 team. APR Racing's Asia Rising Star, AP Honda's Dream, was launched from the network.

By Sabie Wierhee, a Spanish touch of the Mark VDS, owned by a flanked by Marseille Schortter, a German touch of DynaVaultIntake GP And Sam Loew, a British supporter of Federal Oil Gracie Moto II grades 2 and 3

This race in the game has a turning point since the start of the race was not started when the Wiheheijk, the car in the warming round, can not compete. At the start of the game on Sunday, Somkiat rose to the top 15 in the first round before gradually climbing to finish the 23-round race, the Thai twist to the top 10 behind the champion, only 14,506 seconds.

From the excellent work of Somkiat in Argentina Resulting in the Thai touch of the province of Chonburi to win the first 6 points in the life of the motorcycle race in the World Championship in the model of Moto II, which successfully conquered the top 15 in the championship table after pass two places.

While the championship in this field is attributed to Lorenzo Baldasari, an Italian touch of 40 HP Flex Box, with Australian team player Gardner Reynolds, followed by a tag in the second followed by 1,244 seconds, the third is Alex Marquez. Nich of Mark VDS after the second championship of 1,817

For the 2019 MotoGP competition, the next course will be held at the Circuit of America. Between April 12 and 14 at the Grand Prix of the Americas

By Thai Speed ​​Fans, able to follow the competition results and news of the Somkiat Chandra Yod movement, the only one of Thailand in the Moto Two World Championship, via fan page on Facebook Motorcycle Honda (Honda Motorcycle Thailand) And watching live broadcasts on Fox Sport

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