The Ministry of Public Health warns of a large outbreak of people with more than 100,000 people dead 11. Bangkok – Rayong – heavy epidemic of Chiang Mai


On May 25, Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai The Director General of the Department of Disease Control (Cor.) Revealed that from surveillance of the Department of Disease Control Situation of the flu From January 1 to May 23, were found 159,845 influenza patients, 11 deaths, and the 3 main provinces were Bangkok, Rayong and Chiang Mai, respectively, of the outbreak monitoring program. It was verified that there were a total of 90 incidents related to the flu, occurring in prisons, 27 events, schools, 26 events, 19 events, 6 military camps and 12 other events.

Dr. Suwanchai said this week's prognosis and health disaster There are expected to be more patients with influenza in that period. Because it is the period between summer and rainy season, and data from the last 5 years from May to June, the seasonal influenza outbreak period began. Influenza is a disease caused by influenza virus infection Patients will have fever, headache, body aches, fatigue, often experiencing outbreaks in crowded places or in communities. Can assist patients in all age groups Contact is caused by exposure to mouth and breathing secretions. Most patients can recover. Or if someone with severe symptoms or a high-risk group should consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment

In addition, Dr. Suwannachai said that the Department of Disease Control recommends that patients stop studying and stop working at home. Wear a mask Symptoms of symptoms such as dyspnea, chest pain, lethargy, confusion or vomiting Or other serious symptoms should consult a doctor for the general public Wash your hands with soap or alcohol. Avoid close contact with patients. And high-risk groups with opportunities for serious illness, including: 1. Pregnant women, 4 months gestational age 2. Children 6 months to 2 years 3. People with chronic diseases, including COPD, asthma, renal failure, stroke Patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and diabetes 4. Older people 65 years of age or older 5. Persons with mental disabilities who can not help themselves 6. Thalassemia and those with immunodeficiency. Including those with HIV with symptoms 7. Obesity or people weighing 100 kg or body mass index ranging from 35 kg per square meter Must be vaccinated against the flu annually For more information, call the hotline 1422



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