The media is shocked, the media shouted, the Court of Protection, 27 deputies can continue with their duties.


  1. The media is shocked, the media shouted, the court is protected, 27 deputies continue to carry out their duties.
  2. Shocked! Prapacharoen, requesting the temporary protection court not to allow deputies to hold the media, terminate their duties, other than "Thanathorn", fresh news
  3. The Constitutional Court did not hit the node 41 MPs keep the media "New Future" waiting for the country's business.
  4. The Constitutional Court has not yet discussed the petition: 42 deputies have media actions – Prap Chor. Won, the court does not decide to stop acting on voice TV.
  5. Scared, Dead Squad! & # 39; 27 MP MP Chor. Flexed to submit to the Constitutional Court, temporary protection, holding shares in first-line newspapers
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