The first place in the world, Israel made "artificial heart" of human tissue using 3D printing.



On April 15, AFP reported that a group of scientists from Tel Aviv University in Israel Revealing success in the production of artificial organs as "heart" with human tissue. Through the world's first 3D printing technology

The development team said it was a breakthrough that opened the door to the creation of artificial organs for human transplantation.

Dr. Taldi Wir, chief of the research team, said the artificial heart produced by the demonstration is the size of a rabbit. It is the first success of complete printing of the artificial heart, be it in terms of cells. Various blood vessels and heart rooms

However, researchers should continue to develop more before they are ready for transplantation in humans. For having to train the heart to work fully

It is expected that it will not take more than 10 years for the technology to be prevalent in general hospitals.

Source: Live News Online


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