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THE FACE takes the HUAWEI P30 series in an amusement park with a special surprise and an unforgettable moment!

Home NEWS THE FACE takes the HUAWEI P30 series in an amusement park with a special surprise and an unforgettable moment!

It's a story! THE FACE secretly touring the theme park at night Meet an unexpected group of people … This work should catch the HUAWEI. P30 Series comes from remote control Become a special surprise with an unforgettable moment!

The face

The Face Thailand Season 5 Last Saturday it took everyone to invade Siam Park City, Siam Park, a park full of fun For campaigns full of surprises and specialties The face Have cooperated with Series HUAWEI P30 The latest smartphone from Huawei With the most creative problems of creating this campaign Let the competitors create a fashion campaign that attracts the cool functions of the smartphone. Like SuperZoom and Low Light Mode, which are exciting stories Interesting, follow up

This week's fashion campaign tells the story of a group of young people who enter the theme park on Halloween night, but immediately enter the amusement park. Found an unexpected group of people on the carousel HAUWEI P30 Series Until you shoot someone on the carousel With SuperZoom mode you can zoom up to 50 times lighter Series HUAWEI P30

When zoomed in to look closely It turns out to be a surprise When the image is seen as a friend That waved goodbye O Face it before !! So he went to join the group, take pictures, play together on the carousel with fun, almost without any light. But with Night Mode, the picture that comes out is crisp, bright, beautiful and taken. Series HUAWEI P30 Smart phones that break the rules of photography

From the previous Master Class, the lottery was launched on Dream, the competitor of the Mariya team, which was the worst masterclass. And it will have to enter the black room regardless of whether the result is won or lost. So creating pressure for both Mentor Mariya Master Sabina and the remaining two crews are Dream and Kandy while Zo Zo Bank is the Master Class winner. Therefore, you have the right to choose the order of the campaign forTeam Mariya, Tony Team and Gina Bank Team Make Campaigns respectively Creating Great Satisfaction for Master Art

All three teams, the Mariya team, the Tony team and the Gina Bank team are committed to creating a fashionable video in their own style. The first scene should be done as a peek into the theme park and use the SuperZoom Scene 2 mode should climb to take photos on the carousel using Night Mode with the core is fun. Mentor Mariya and Master Sabina Take action with a surprise surprise. Who met the previous team members Natural fun Tony Mentor Team and Pig Master Realize the story with the thrill of meeting handsome men and ending with a sweet tweeting game.

The winner of this weekly campaign goes to the team Gina Bank and Master Art. Which opens the story of the birthday party surprise and ends with a fun photo of a group of friends and adds with the thrill of trying Series HUAWEI P30 What is an excellent smartphone in photography and video

You can see that no matter how far or how little light Series HUAWEI P30 Can complete the details Do not miss every special moment of life. Follow the surprise of The face ANDSeries HUAWEI P30 It can be obtained via

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