The diamonds are not the end of Taiwan's boxing.


The diamonds are not until the end of Thai boxing

I do not think the body is as strong as the old accelerated. The youngest generation was not shaken by the knee that crashed to beat the diamonds. I do not know what to do. Matching boxing Thai style on Sunday, November 4, 2561 in the Blue Box Arena, Samut Prakan's second pair of diamonds, Thanon Sri Thais as the wrestling knee pressed the knee to reach the sky blue trap was trapped. Winning the Championship.

Thai Boxing Competition at Blue Arena, Samut Prakan, Thailand. Thawatchai Thongrit judge, the first round diamonds, young fresh, more than 5-3 to pick up the two shifts, move, shake, punch punches, punches the bounce, hit the ball. This is not a good idea. I have a question. No no no no. The diamond's third race is 2-1.

Raise the four to lift your elbows to shake the ball in the bounce, push your knee padded until the price is back. But in the end the retreat of the diamond. The four diamonds to lift 8-1 to lift the last bite will bite the punch. But the body does not accelerate. I do not know what to do. The winner of the competition was Miss Thaiporn Srinibul, Thanin Phoompai and Pornpimirukki.

Boxing around Seng Thailand 2 times, Diamonds, Ubon Ratchathani (red), won the league in the blue sky (blue), 126 pounds, the league opened 5-4, judges Sunthorn Sri Bua Lam finished the first championship. The first 5-4 before the two diamonds, Ubon move the shark caught in the strike. The championship was expecting a long left knockout, cleared the two championship titles by 3-2, raised three diamonds, raised wrestling, knee-jumping, but was not clear. The big trap champion has clearly kicked every single bet. All three wins against 7-2.

Four diamonds in Ubon to continue splashing But to get to the knees of the championship, they have many flowers in the symptoms themselves. Fourth, the championship for the diamond loss. The champion defense kicked the game. I do not think so. The championship was won by 49-47 points, with three votes Thawatchai Thongrit, Worachit Chamchuee and Chatchai tutti.

Muang Thai gymnasium defeated Sharp Diamond Sports Center, Huai Boon, Chainarong, Yotrakud, won Diamonds, Moonlight, A. Sangchan and Porn Mongkol Supachai. 4

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