The DE accelerates TOR "Digital Park" and shows the undersea "Cat" cable for Thai Thai for the Digital ASEAN Hub


DE urges to upgrade TOR "Digital Park", the first phase of 4 billion baht, hoping to sign the PPP at the end of the year and show the results of "Cat" to expand the new phase of submarine cable to support the goal of ASEAN digital "Cat" center together with reduction The cost of external gateways

Ms. Ajcharin Pattanaphanchai Permanent Secretary of Economy and Digital Society (DE) It revealed that on June 21, 2019, the Ministry of Commerce and CAT Telecom Public Company Limited were open to private stakeholders to invest in the project. Zone of Promotion of Industrial and Digital Innovation The Digital Park of Thailand commented on the criteria for participation in PPP (public-private partnership) investment again.

After the sale of the proposal envelope was opened on January 25, 2019 to February 15, and there were 16 individuals to buy envelopes, but on June 5, no proposal was submitted.

"There is a particular opinion that the conditions are set very strict, so open to hear the comments again to improve. It is expected that the proposal will be announced again in early July and that the appropriate candidate can be selected in August before signing the contract by the end of the year.The value of the project in the first phase is approximately 4,000 million baht. "

Side Col. Sapphachai Havanan, President of CAT Telecom Plc. (CAT) He said that the Digital Park Project Located in the district area of ​​Sriracha Chonburi Province It is part of the EEC project with an infrastructure investment of more than 1.7 trillion baht, Digital Park connects the entire infrastructure such as airports, trains high-speed deep sea port

By Kat to Develop Telecommunication Infrastructure The private sector is responsible for developing the smart city infrastructure. And find tenants whose business matches

Ownership of the property in the initial project has 2 forms: 1.BTO (build transfer and operate), ie once the construction is completed, the property must be transferred to the state. And the State will give the right to administer 2.Bot (build transfer transaction) are other assets beyond the infrastructure, such as buildings or buildings, will give private ownership first until the initial contract is established for 30 or 50 years and then transfer the state back The revenue model includes front-line companies and contract revenue joint venture.

While private investors participating in the investment will receive the highest privileges of the Investment Board (BOI) both in the general promotion framework AND the type of development of the smart city

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Added that in addition to the Digital Park project also called for increasing the efficiency of the international internet network to become the exchange center of the ASEAN Digital Center (CAT) as the operator of the ASEAN region

With the expansion of domestic grid capacity connected to the border To connect Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are currently installing equipment at 151 stations across the country

The expansion of international submarine cable network systems available in Singapore, China (Hong Kong) and the United States has been fully implemented and able to withstand the volume of nationwide traffic that is continuously growing

While investing in a new international submarine cable system to connect Asia Pacific countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and South Korea, the latest budget of 2,000 million baht. It is expected to be signed in the agreement between the member parties within July before the construction and delivery of rights to the Ministry of the DE within 2021

SidePresident, Cat Added that After the network to expand the performance of the international submarine cable will allow the system to support the growth of ASEAN traffic that has increased by more than 30% a year and allows CAT to reduce the cost of international Internet gateway connections. Again


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