Tuesday , March 2 2021

The Airport Immigration Office opens the Chinese New Year – Valentine's Plan for 3 hours.

The Airport Immigration Office opens the Chinese New Year – Valentine's Plan for 3 hours.

On February 1, Pol.Lt.Chor Ronnrong Rimdee, deputy director of the Immigration Department, 2, as spokesperson for the 2nd Division, revealed that Pol. A Siri, Immigration Division 2, organizes activities to open the Immigration release plan and prevent crime during the Chinese New Year season and continue with Valentine or the 62 devotional plans in Passport Passenger Hall. Suvarnabhumi Airport Friday, February 1, at 3:00 p.m.

According to the policy, Colonel Surachet Kwangphal, commissioner of the Immigration Department, ordered the reorganization of the airport checkpoints. All levels, all of you are dedicated to analyze and ready to correct the situation closely. For the good image of the country

Opening this plan This was after the launch of the E-Visa on Arrival program and the big Fast track lane project on January 29. By Gen. Pravit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Of Defense Has Traveled To Become President

For the "62 devotee's plan," the practice began from January 31 and will continue until February 15, 2019 after the Valentine season. What is expected during this period There will be Chinese and national tourists traveling to Thailand to be the number 1 destination.

As a result of the no-charge collection policy, Visa on Arrival and the development of the E-Visa on Arrival system, supported by The 62 Worship Plan, will be implemented using immigration facilitation measures and measures to block criminals and threats who can count on opportunities to enter Thailand

Especially during the Chinese New Year this year Received information from the Airports of Thailand or AOT that Suvarnabhumi passengers made a new record of January 62, reaching a maximum of 2,15,000 people / day during the evaluation of the Chinese New Year Festival . More than two hundred thousand people or day

With airlines requesting to add 300 flights, including 14,800 flights, a 9.0% increase, followed by Don Mueang Airport. There are about 10,300 flying companies, flights grow 6.6% and have about 1.61 million passengers , an increase of 4.3%, in addition to charter flights and special flights for about 40 flights and passengers on those flights. 5,500 people

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The essence of the plane There are two measures to increase the force of all the channels during the flight. By prohibiting staff from leaving and integrating the power of all parties, both in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčImmigration Department and in the areas of airports or AOT, including several airlines, to facilitate the passengers When entering the country

The important thing is during dense flight. It will be during the crisis with many passengers piling up Employees have mobilized the checkpoints to totally release the control. For screening according to security measures Do not allow foreigners to take the opportunity to hide in tourists in the country, according to police officer Col. Surachet. Always emphasized Absolute suppression

On this occasion, Immigration Division 2 takes the opportunity to publicize the people who will use the service. Especially Don Mueang Airport And Suvarnabhumi Must allow at least 3 hours for dense traffic and check-in airlines.

Including baggage check of the security department According to international standards Before entering the traveler's check box And please prepare a passport of at least 6 months, several place cards to be filled To facilitate the passage process by the border, do not delay

And invite tourists, tour operators Use the E-VOA system to apply Visa on Arrival via electronic system. For fast convenience In traveling to the next country

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