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Thanathorn shows the order to return to Bangkok.

Thanathorn shows the order to return to Bangkok.

On April 29th Mr. Thanatorn Jungrungruangkit New future party leader He posted a message confirming the transfer of V-Luck Media shares prior to the application date. The MP is ready to show the evidence as the image of the order along the route from Buriram to Bangkok.

Affirming that we chose to work politics to change Thailand peacefully I chose to create a new future party with members. Because we believe that the most peaceful and gradual transition to democracy is through the parliamentary process

The society we want to see is a democratic society. That all people are equal The rule of law and justice have been honored. The country's resources are used to increase the quality of life of most people in the country. A beautiful society that is simple but at the same time is strong with principles

But to this day I have a total of 6 cases and allegations, I have no bad intentions with society. But of course, change the country we dream of Will affect the interests of the minority who are satisfied with society that is not tomorrow This group of people who do not want us to join the council. And ready to do everything that brought Thailand to the abyss to maintain its power

The allegations that I have to clarify tomorrow are unfounded. No one has evidence that science can argue the evidence we present. I did not hold media shares the day I requested the MP. And the Electoral Commission does not have the authority to make allegations and examine me on this issue. I hope that the Electoral Commission will be a truly independent organization. It is a strong pillar in the process of pushing society back to democracy.

If the Electoral Commission takes erroneous authority Randomly by risking a criminal offense under Section 157 of the Penal Code, I reserve the right to take legal action against the Commission. Continues

Tomorrow, I have to explain the case involving the media to the Commission. In bringing evidence of my innocence In addition to the evidence I presented to the public There are many other additional documents, such as

In figure 1, the order of the images shows that I was in Surin on January 7.
Figure 2, the order according to the figure shows that I am on the highway No. 24, No. 107-109, Nangrong Buriram on January 8 at 11:41
Figure 3, the image shown, shows that I am on the Kanchanaphisek road, Km 5 (entrance), Khlong Si sub-district, Pathum Thani on January 8 at 2:45 p.m.

Figure 4 and 5 due to Jor. Chuljem Yukhuk wrote a message requesting the stub check through his personal facebook. Although he did not mention the name directly I think he wrote to me. If the person has no intention of writing to me, I apologize here. This image shows that the selection stub has been correctly classified. And it corresponds to the number of the check previously announced There are no previous checks, as many people tried to charge. Those who are still skeptical may ask the Bank of Ayudhya about the numbering according to the stub.

Figure 6 shows the travel route. And confirming the proof of address and time according to the order in the previous image AND according to the receipt of the expressway that was explained previously. Everyone can see that the time and address are all consistent.

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