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Zerot counterattacked Jat, a man who did not have a crane, because of political positions But hearing and feeling that people have spread: political news

Film Derrick – On June 21, the post-political crisis of the young man, the crane man Counter to the film's income 2 years love returning money It can be released at only 7,000 baht, consistent with previous dissatisfaction of viewers who say Will not support because the young hero publishes political affairs with words that are quite violent So hot that the crane had to apologize to the team and the fans for the case

The film, which, despite many sounds, is considered good. Worth to visit Mas Ploy was a crossfire of political poisoning Make the newscaster reach the whole truth as Phakma should leave to comment if separating personal matters with work Do not destroy the profession or the way to earn a living.

Zerot counterattacked Jat, a man who did not have a crane, because of political positions But hear and feel the stretching News from Thaiger

Later Zirot Klampaibun He has issued a controversial statement

"Look at the clip in the photo and uncomfortable The story is a new movie, Khun Panchan Pae, which looks almost all the chairs. From the side of the audience, it was clear that it was not because of the discontent that Khun Punchan had insulted. But Mr. Jad said like no one watching the movie, the crane is a narrow-minded man. Accepting that actors can not talk about politics Annoyed that Derrick spoke to himself. In addition to not being as generous as the actors who talk about politics in general

Listen to you as the wrong person who will not watch the movie Derrick. But I think this story is about people who understand the Thai people and foreign celebrities.People do not have problems you talk about politics. The problem arises because Khun Crane expressed his opinion that the public felt people were overburdened. For example, people who wish to vote for refusing to earn a living, people who are bored of the Prayut government are those who keep going on partying, drinking, etc.

Frankly speaking, Khun Panchan showed no political comment. But Khun Panchan said that the public felt that you insulted the humanity of the person who saw different from Khun Chan

Western actors talk about politics and nobody says anything. But if the actors start fighting in the face of racial discrimination Racism Sex Western society has boycotts and does not watch that actor's movie. Because this type of story is not showing opinions, politics, types of love or any kind of party But it is a disrespect to the difference that no one has the right to say Whoever it is, it is appropriate that society does not join the clergy.

Mr. Jad must clearly make money on the purse that belongs to the public. Observers have the right to withdraw money from any or any actor. This is the right to use in the public place. It will point the page to reprimand that the viewer can not violate the actor Because the public did not persecute the actor Do not prohibit celebrities to show movies Do not ban movies The viewers used their own rights not to spend money buying movies for the actors he felt blasphemy. This is to protect human dignity from the public. I do not see that the public will abuse or abuse you.

In the case of Khun Panchan I think the lesson to be taken is that media professionals should not insult people. People have merit with us. Just taking time to look and have fun Even more as an actor, rich in ticket prices You can not talk to insult people. And the greater the military government or the trampling of people who want to elect the ugliest because this type of government or valuing this power is taking the power of the people. Viewers therefore have the right to prefer not to use money that is hard to find to support people who do not see ordinary people.

Watching the movie now once, 4-500, the actors do not respect people. People took money for their children to eat or do better. Anyone who insults the public has no right to accuse the people of abuse. Because what people do is not paying for the work of people who do not respect people

The actor can talk about politics. But it does not matter who can do this is to use the flattering mouth of authority until you forget to insult people. The public did not shed the Derrick movie because it hated the crane. But he was angry at the crane saying how to insult the lower person

Watch the clip in the photo and feel uncomfortable. The story is a new movie, Khun Panchan, which looks like a chair in almost every factory …

Posted by Sirote Klampaiboon (Sirot Klompaiboon) on Thursday, 20 June 2019

The post of political post – On June 6, hot in the online world immediately The young hero, Channel 3 Derrick Prama Im Anothai, posted through a private imanotai on Facebook, in the case of social flows that refer to the succession of power National Council of Maintenance of Peace

"NCPO existed for 4-5 years, saying power succession Has continued for 3 years, still counts the succession of power And then the successor to the end of the unit, how to drive the supercar here Tru does not see a politician to use a normal life Some of the costs that people receive from their parents are taken from the language of the people, so do not complain too much, earn a living and have a lot to help others do, much merit, not laughing, but drinking the party every night.

And the post was deleted after

The posts of the crane posted a strong defense against the sea, earning a living, not a drink but a liquor. Every night | News by The Thaiger

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