Thai Scrumptious Meat Products Accelerate to expand to the Hong Kong online market


Thai scented meat products

Thai scented products after HKTV MALL, online shopping business in Hong Kong, interested in importing Thai products directly. Pointing to more opportunities and channels to expand Thai products in the online market Especially the most popular jasmine rice

Thai scented meat products Ms. Chanapan Phisanapipong, Director of the Hong Kong Foreign Trade Office, revealed that he had consulted Mr. Marcus Lam, Foreign Purchasing Manager at HKTV Mall Hong Kong, to expand the Thai market. The company's online marketing, one of the affiliates of Hong Kong Television Network Limited, has started the online product sales business since 2015 and achieved rapid success in four years.

At present, HKTV is ranked (Ranking) 75 (most recent data, October 26, 2018) in Hong Kong with more than 2,000 products online and has 42 receiving centers in Hong Kong.In 2019, it is expected to have a reception center. Up to 160 additional products Currently the company has 46 Thai products sold through Hong Kong companies such as jasmine rice, healthy rice, milk, eggs, rice bran, snack (Crackers, grilled fish). Leaf) coconut oil, dried fruit, instant noodles Canned coconut water, bird's nest, drinking water, Singha brand, skin cleanser (brand) and household appliances such as wooden table, wooden chair, wooden board including fruit and vegetables such as grapefruit, fresh coconut, cherry tomatoes

The company has the best rice sales, the Golden Phoenix branded rice from Thailand, with sales in 7 containers per month. Including the sale of healthy rice, such as RD43 rice (RD43), which qualifies as rice with lower glycemic index (GI), this year the company plans to apply for a rice import license from the agency. The Hong Kong government (Department of Trade and Industry) to import products directly and create their own brands That the company is interested in importing jasmine rice from Thailand

"HKTV MALL called for cooperation from the Hong Kong Foreign Trade Office after being interested in importing jasmine rice, and healthy rice, especially rice, RD 43, brown rice, and red rice.This year the company plans to expand and order rice directly from Thailand to Hong Kong, "said Chananapat.


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