Thai baht is stable Follow the progress of China-United-United Nations trade negotiations.


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Department of Foreign Currency Trading Bank of Bangkok Reported that the movement of the foreign exchange market on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, the value of the baht, opened the market this morning (2/4) to the level of 31.72 / 74 baht / US dollar. Stabilized from closing level on Monday (1/4) at 31.72 / 74 baht / US dollar US Dollar volatility oscillating after the economic numbers are out of direction by the US Department of Commerce. Retail sales fell 0.2% in February, and analysts expect retail sales to rise 0.3%, after rising 0.7% in January to retail sales for the month. It was affected by the decline in food sales and building materials Although car sales have rebounded Annual Retail sales rose 2.2% in February.

However, the US Supply Management Institute (ISM) survey showed that the US manufacturing index rebounded to 55.3 in March, far higher than analysts' expectations of 54.5, after touching 54.2 in the month. Which is the lowest level since November 2016. The increase in the ISM index has been positive from the recovery of new orders, production and employment. During the day, the baht moved in the range of 31.71-31.80 baht / dollar. Before closing the market at the level of 31.77 / 31.79 baht / US dollar

For the movement of the euro today (2/4), the euro opens at 1.1204 / 05 USD / Euro. The euro was pressured by the resolution of the British parliament to disapprove of four different options of the process in Britain Will withdraw from the European Union (Brexit) , presented by John Berkow, President of the British Parliament These options include whether Britain is still in a single market or negotiate with the European Union (EU) to maintain the existence of the Customs Union with the EU. It is the second time that the British Parliament rejects the option of meeting to vote in support of parliament. With the aim of dissecting the term of the Brexit lawsuit, which the British government will have until April 12, only to issue the EU in any way During the day, the euro moves in the frame between 1.1191-1.1211 US Dollar / Euro And closed the market at the level of 1.1200 / 01 USD / Euro

For the yen movement today (2/4), the market opened at 111.33 / 35 yen / US dollar. The Yen has been under pressure from strong US and Chinese manufacturing data that help investors worry about economic trends. globally. Including trade talks between the two countries that seem more relaxed As a result, investors have reduced the yen's holdings as a safe asset. The value of the yen is moving in the frame between 111.29-111.42 Yen / US dollar and closed the market at the level of 111.35 / 36 yen / US dollar

Top US economic indicators this week include durable goods orders in February (2/4), private employment numbers in March ADP (3/4), Purchasing Managers Index (PMI). March / Margit Services Sector (3/4) March US Service Management Institute (ISM) Service Sector Index (32/4) The number of weekly job claims (4/4) -agricultures in March (5/4)

For the morning swap point of 1 month in the country, it is -2.40 / -2.30 Satang / USD. And the 1 month foreign exchange coverage rate is 0 / 1.00 Satang / USD.


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