Saturday , October 23 2021

TFFIF Fund – Payment of dividends, 2nd capital reduction, totaling 468 million baht


Infrastructure Fund for the Future of Thailand (TFFIF) or Thailand Future Fund With Krung Thai Asset Management Is a fund manager with MFC Asset Management Investment Management Committee Meeting Have a resolution to pay dividends And reduce capital in the second moment paying dividends at the rate of 0.1025 baht per unit and reducing the capital stock of excess liquidity resulting from the amortization of issuance expenses and offering of investment units What is a non-cash expense

Reducing share capital at the rate of 0.0158 baht per unit, including dividend payment and total capital reduction at the rate of 0.1383 baht per unit reducing the nominal value of 9.9911 baht per unit, decreasing to 9, 9753 baht per unit in total 468 million baht

The Fund invests in infrastructure business assets. In the right to receive 45% of the total net toll revenue collected from the current route of the Chalong Rat expressway and Buraphavithi Expressway according to the Transfer Agreement and the Transfer of Rights in Revenue (RTA) for a period of 30 years

In addition, pay dividends Infrastructure Fund The Thailand Electricity Generating Agency, North Bangkok (EGATIF), pays the fourteenth dividend at the rate of 0.20 baht per unit, representing more than 417 million baht. The Tai Leasehold Market Ownership Fund (TTLPF) pays the 34th dividend. At the rate of 0.4220 baht per unit, totaling approximately 76 million baht

And the CPTGF (CPTGF) paid the 21st dividend at the rate of 0.2180 baht per unit, totaling more than 210 million baht. The total dividend payment for the 4 funds is over 1.200 million baht.

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