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Studying mysterious objects orbiting the outermost of the solar system

Studying mysterious objects orbiting the outermost of the solar system

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Above the path of Neptune in the kuiper belt outside our solar system There are small space objects left by the formation of the orbit of the solar system, called "Transnetunian objects or TNOs" orbiting the sun in an almost circular path. But far from the edge of the solar system And believed that Neptune, including other giant planets Bands influence the gravity of these space objects.

But in 2003, astronomers discovered some abnormalities in the object's location beyond Neptune, that is, they found 30 mysterious objects that are more prominent than other Neptune objects. And I could not find an explanation But some astronomers assumed that The unusual trajectory of these objects

It can be influenced by the nine planets (Planet Nine), but on the other hand, scientists can not determine clearly whether the nine planets exist or not. Since the nine planets are just hypotheses created 6 years ago to explain the unusual orbit of an object beyond Neptune.

History makes scientists at the University of Cambridge in England. And the American University of Beirut in Lebanon Create a model of the solar system and a dust plate consisting of a small ice object with a mass up to 10 times the Earth's mass to study gravity To see how this affects the solar system It's possible that the object of these objects of Neptune is not influenced by the nine planets.

Image of the ice core of the Kuiper Belt Credit: ESO / M. Kornmesser

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