Sia took Benz to order the fire, dedicated to "vice-wife-Tee", a small but crying child.


Sad atmosphere Sia led Benz to order in front of the fire, dedicating charity to "Vice-wife", a small but crying child. After meeting the news of the parents While the older sister received a bad mental condition, but worried more about her

In the case of Mr. Somchai Werotphiphat, 57, a businessman driving drunk while driving a model Mercedes Benz E 250, silver-plated brass, record number 789, Bangkok Until he collided with Suzuki brand model sedan Swift white registration number 2 kg 3653 Bangkok Area of ​​natural beauty Thawi Road Watthana – Kanchanaphisek Road District and Thawi District Watthana Bangkok is the cause of Lieutenant Colonel Jatuphon Ngamsuwichakul, deputy director (research), Khor.2, Nuchanart Ngamwitchakun, his wife died and Piyapa Ngam Suwichakul, 16, his daughter was seriously injured. Later, the police investigation officer Saladaeng informed him of driving intoxicated or intoxicated. And driving carelessly causes others to die and be injured According to the news

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– Change of charge "intent to kill"

– secondary car accident Off with wife, daughter came in severe pain!

Reporters reported progress at 06:00 am On April 20, Mr. Somchai Kruankranee attended the ordination ceremony of the novice in front of the fire. Along with 5 deceased relatives in Tri Thetthep Thep Worawihan Temple Democratic Road Ban Phan Thom Subdistrict, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok

What atmosphere inside the 5/1 pavilion, which is the location of Lieutenant Colonel Jatuphon Ngamsuvichakul's body, deputy director (Research), Khor. With regret In the morning, there was a merit ceremony for Phra Pho. In order to dedicate the charity to the deceased

Ms. Phawini Ngamwitchakun, sister of Pol.Lt. Col. Jatuporn, said that at this time, the family apologized to Somchai, who, throughout the incident, so far, Somchai takes care of his family. Good And repent everything that has happened The family is reconciled. It is considered a merit for his brother and wife As for the lawsuit, it is said that, according to law After that, the family will talk about caring for the two grandchildren, who are injured by Phrae's younger sister, the younger daughter who is treated at Bangkok hospital. Normal Vital Signs Began sometimes sometimes Doctors are also monitored closely. Now, Khun Prae is aware of the death of his father and mother. You can only cry And did not attend the funeral

Ms. Suphapha Petch Ngam Suwichakul or Nong Ploy, the eldest daughter, said their mental state is still bad. But better than before Now worried about her sister more Want to be safe and disappear soon

While Phra Somchai briefly said that today he ordered a fire in order to devote charity to the secondary, and his wife would like to admit erroneously to everything that happened Accept the results that will follow today. Try to do everything in the best way. And responsible Take good care of the two children in the secondary, who must wait to finish the ceremony before talking again.

Reporters reported that Cremation Ceremony, Lt. Col. Jatuporn Ngamsuwichakun, Deputy Director (Investigation), Khor. 2, Police Officer, Suzuki Saloon Driver and Ms. Nuchanart Ngamwitchakul, age 44 At 14:00 at the crematorium, Wat Tritotthep Worawihan


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