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SEPO 12 Songkhla warns of the NHS in summer

Office of Disease Prevention and Control 12, Songkhla Province warns people to take care of food poisoning during the summer. With continuous rise in temperature Causing many germs to grow well And can cause spoiled food more easily than usual I would introduce people to the principle of "baked, clean, warm"

Dr. Suwit Thammapo, MD, director of the Office of Disease Prevention and Control at age 12, Songkhla province revealed that with Thailand now entering the hot season Causing growth and increasing number of pathogens Especially germs contaminated in water and food rapidly increase Risk of outbreaks of waterborne and foodborne diseases, especially food poisoning What people should not be complacent The food poisoning situation At the national level, from January 1 to April 23, 2019, 33,260 patients were found, 50.35 100,000 inhabitants While the situation in the District 12 area found 722 patients, 14.65 patients per 100,000 inhabitants. The largest number of patients was found in Songkhla Province, number 338, followed by 134 provinces in Trang and 80 provinces of Pattani.

Toxic Patients There will be nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fluid or water defecation more than 3 times a day Headache, dry throat, thirst in cases of extreme defecation Patients may be shocked by unconsciousness for initial patient care. You should drink ORS mineral water frequently to avoid dehydration And if symptoms do not improve Get medical attention immediately

Dr. Suwich also revealed that SEPO 12 Songkhla recommends the prevention of food poisoning. Let people enjoy the principle of "cooked, clean, warm" by eating fresh cooked food with heat Not eating raw food And should be eaten within 2 hours after cooking should be washed with fruit and vegetables completely with water several times, drink clean water or boiled water Or bottled water that has been approved by the FDA And wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water every time Before you eat Before – after you prepare food And after excretion Or if you travel and order boxes of food You must choose between a store clean And asked the cook not to cook in advance for a long time Choose foods that are not spoiled easily. It should not be a coconut milk dish, cooked raw food, if the food has an unusual smell, it should not be eaten And in cooking large quantities For group activities or meetings with a large number of participants Should adhere to the principles of hygiene of the cook and sanitation of food, such as cleaning the raw materials for cooking As well as containers of important food should be cooked. And entrepreneurs Must clean the store or market every 2 weeks and discard the sewer to be hygienic

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