See the potential of Thai Textile Textile entrepreneurs at STYLE Bangkok.


The trade brings the trend of pushing Thai textiles ready for the 4.0 era along with textile manufacturers with special features. Manufacturers of prefabricated parts, designers and users of medical, sports and hotel groups develop textile products. The three main characteristics are clothing for medical personnel and seniors who need medical and health uniforms. ) Sport and Lifewear sets for partners to choose to buy Show products today at the event Bangkok 2019 STYLE At the BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangna, April 17-21, 2019

Department of International Trade Promotion Ministry of Commerce (DITP) held a textile exhibition with special functional properties to develop and promote entrepreneurs in the Thai textile industry to be widely known in foreign buyers. And encourage Thai entrepreneurs to realize the importance of innovative products In addition to inspiring entrepreneurs to develop textiles By collaborating with 7 skilled textile manufacturers in Thailand, ready-made clothing manufacturers, 5 designers and users to jointly develop textiles with 3 special features, namely
Clothing for medical personnel and seniors who need close care (medical and health). Textiles under development to have properties reflecting various liquid waters of patients that prevent bacteria. Good ventilation Including the development of sewing patterns for bed patients, allowing caregivers to easily transform patients And there is a one-shoulder set that is designed to allow patients to help themselves to wear clothing as well
Uniforms divided into 3 main groups: school uniforms Hotel office And a set of police officers, developing the textile to be suitable for use in each group
Sport and Lifewear is a group that is popular with the modern lifestyle. This makes the fabric soft and comfortable Good ventilation, dry and do not accumulate sweat. And it can prevent bacteria Including the use of cutting and sewing designs suitable for exercises

Textile trends with special characteristics of Thailand Consistent with the worldwide trend of Ms. Yuri Takezawa Project Leader Itochu Fashion System Co., Ltd., Japan Tells about the products developed from textiles, special properties tend to grow well in the markets of ASEAN and Japan there are 3 types, ie sportswear or exercise suit Uniform or work clothes And fiber clothing, special features for the elderly

Sports suit or exercise suit
Nowadays, women are turning to more sports. Another requirement is the exercise suit that has UV protection. Prevent sweat dripping, not visible on the inside Or sportswear to deodorize sweat, body odor and storage temperature For skiing, winter sports

Uniform of work or uniform
Differences in the work environment Makes the need for basic features of work clothes or uniforms such as clothes that are not transparent Absorbs water dry quickly Antistatic Elastic fabric, comfortable to wear Helps to inhibit bacteria, etc. There are many Japanese companies currently developing products using the above features.

Fiber clothes, special features for the elderly
The number of older people in Japan Demand clothing, special properties like deodorization, increase also Resulting in the lingerie market for middle-aged men to seniors Lingerie for women has grown well.

Ms. Yuri Takezawa added that Currently, the manufacturer has developed clothing for the elderly. With Deodorant Properties Along With Bacterial Inhibition And Many Other Countries Are Developing Smart Fabrics Using Electric Induction Fibers Collect Rhythm Information Electrocardiogram To Be Used In Elderly Care Developing Fabrics With Special Properties It is becoming the main trend that manufacturers of textiles around the world are paying attention To meeting the changing lifestyle of consumers

Experience the potential of modern Thai textile entrepreneurs. It takes the Thai textile to the 4.0 textile today. At the Style Bangkok Exhibition 2019, Sunday, April 21, this is the last day at the BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangna, between 10am and 9pm. Follow the movement and see more information at For more information call 02-5078361-4 Or direct international trade 1169


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