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Pointing out the human evolution exhibition – the world's most complete rainforest, opened in June.

On April 17, at the National Science Museum (NSW), Ministry of Science and Technology, in Pathumthani province, Mr. Richard Lane, former director of the Department of Science Museum of Natural History, London, England, Mr. Gordon Gormmore, Museum Communications Specialist and Mr. Gareth Williams, Project Director, Fraser Randell Company, all 3 are experts in world-class museums and As a consultant to Rama IX Museum Visited and visited the progress of Rama IX Museum Located in Khlong 5, Khlong Luang district, Pathum Thani province.

Then Richard revealed that Rama IX Museum is one of the largest ecological and environmental museums and one of the best in the world. Especially the exhibition of human evolution Considered the most complete in the world There are 6 models of human species in various parts of the world, the content shows more than 90 species of human species and a humanoid robot that recently discovered new species in Indonesia. Humans in Homo Floresianis Or commonly known as human hobbits Presented through modern technology How to get back in the era of human evolution

Mr. Richard continued that The most striking is the introduction of the royal initiative of King Rama IX, especially the coexistence and man-nature relationship as core of the museum, making the Rama 9 Museum different from other museums. Especially the exhibits of the diverse ecosystems and ecosystems of tropical forests of the world, which provide a realistic atmosphere and experience of Thailand through the mountain peak exposure. Considered the world's first museum with combined museums and botanical gardens Allowing not only Thai visitors to experience the thrill and experience that will impress But the foreign public will be surprised and well remembered Including being impressed with the cinema This speaks of the origin of all things in the universe including our world Robot dinosaur species found in Thailand Another well-presented exhibition is the presentation of research by scientists in various fields around the world who inspire viewers to work in science.
Mr. Gordon said that The Rama IX Museum focuses on presenting life stories in each of the biomasses, as well as providing experiences of nature around the world. Not just about the plants or animals that live in each of the biomasses. But that these creatures live equally with humans in the same area As a member of the ecosystem He said that visitors will find the excitement and experience to be impressed.

Mr. Ravin said The Rama IX Museum is ASEAN's largest ecological and environmental museum and is one of the three largest areas in the world with over 50,000 square feet. It will be open for preview in early June, it is now almost 100% ready.

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