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Samitivo Hospital Strengthen mobile health by solving the pain point problem with deep understanding of the client's needs. Samitivej Plus, Samitivej Samitive Line, PACE Samitivej, Track Line Surgery and Ward Tracking, which can be scheduled, scheduled and scheduled with doctors and inpatient teams. Create a digital experience to take care of the recipient's health. # We do not want anyone to worry.

Chaiwat Pandurat Amporn The executive director of Samitivej and BNH Hospital said the world is changing rapidly. Including health care. Samitivej is preparing for change. To meet the expectations of the service. Healthcare 4.0 is also available with Thailand's first mobile health service, complete with a mobile phone. Before I came to the hospital. While in the hospital and back to home rehab. With the commitment of more than 3 years to develop a system based on the deep understanding of patients, patients and family truly under the concept # We do not want anyone to worry, do not want to wait too long, see the doctor and pay. Concerns during hospitalization And relatives are relieved by surgery. All this to create an unprecedented experience in hospital services.

For various health services. Samitivej provides mobile telephony (mobile health) services.

(1) Samitivej Plus (Samitivej Plus) Long waiting for a doctor's visit and paid It's a big problem for the client. But with the Samitivej Plus application, recipients can get a fast pay queue through Samitivej FastPay, which is in the application. The FastPay Station can also be scanned for payment at the FastPay Station. This system is connected to the hospital billing system, allowing users to see the costs and checks for instant payments. After the release in late June. Reduction of the waiting time for subscribers above 60%

(2) Samitivej LINE official account The client is sick or wants to know about health information. I do not know where to find reliable sources. Samitivej has solved the service problems with Official LINE @Samitivej which can respond to health problems. More than 300,000 responses have been made so far, with 100,000 users participating.

(3) Using Apple Technology, Samitivej developed technology through the Apple Health Platform. It is not limited to hospitals. With the connectivity of Apple HealthKit and the development of other digital experiences to improve the health of the recipient. All this will be in 2019.

(4) Samitivej PACE first in Thailand to see the status of surgery through mobile phones. Help family members relieve anxiety while patients are in the operating room. It also helps patients know how to perform before and after surgery. Relatives can receive links directly to the user through Official LINE @Samitivej.

(5) Ward Tracking to alleviate the anxiety of clients and relatives. To know the activities of nursing while hospitalized. It is a system where the client knows the treatment plan, procedure and time. You can schedule, maintain and schedule appointments with doctors and staff. You can choose your own room. Access to treatment-related information. Know the treatment plan and the recovery period. Connect medical information with the insurance company's disbursement system. For the speed of the recipients of the service.

This represents the innovation leader of Samitivej. Integrating innovation, which analyzes the point of pain of the user. Combined with the Smart Phone concept Mobile Health under the concept. # We do not want anyone to worry.


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