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Revealing the trick Barcelona Barcelona copying Manchester City to Liverpool

The first game of the UEFA Champions League semi-final, Wednesday, May 1, 2019, where all fans are waiting to watch. Barcelona will open the Camp Nou stadium for Liverpool's visit.

Move before coming to this game There have been reports from the website on Monday, April 29, that merit maker Barcelona has prepared a plan to mimic Manchester City's play-off tactics to deal with German team. Pop

This season, Manchester City's Pep Guardiola has won 4 points in the Premier League game against Liverpool in 2 games, with an unbeaten draw at Anfield 0-0 and a 2-1 win at A. Tihat Stadium, and now Blue sailboat is in a situation that has an edge over the Reds in winning the final. The report, citing data from sources that Ernesto Balbe and Barcelona coaches have come back to watch the many Liverpool games this season. Including two games with Manchester City, and believes the key to overcoming the method of Jenklop's game is to resolve the Liverpool draw, which is seen many times. Use the long ball method to rectify the situation.

The long ball game is not the way that Barcelona used before, but sources confirm that Balbe is not cutting the possibility of this and can put it as a last resort.

"Liverpool Play high-pressure games using up to 6 or 7 players and they want to force you to play in. And when there is a chance, they will take the ball back to dominate Our intention is to play the way we play. by the back and then through your momentum. But we do not cut the long ball if necessary. " Anonymous sources identified

Previously on last Saturday Clemente Lange The defenders of Barcelona also talked about Liverpool's education as well. "For preparation I've watched the Liverpool players' game tape that I'll find I see what they like to do What kind of ball How to move And what will they do in different situations or who is right?

"For example, (Andrew) Robertson, when will he open the ball? And where is the ball normally placed? Or does Fermino like to do on the nearby pole or pole far away? I want as much information as possible."

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