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"Dhipaya Insurance" Asma Insurance "pay credit through the payment of 12 billion teachers to lose more than 2,400 people to withdraw the" GEMS "- a new insurance savings. Join 7 participants

Credit Loans for Teachers

Mr. Somporn Suebtawilkul, President Dalkaya Insurance Plc reveals that Prachachart Business is the insurance company offering accident and health insurance. "Safe Credit" to be used as a guarantor of the welfare loan program, funeral fund members to help the teacher's colleagues (PSC), this policy will gradually complete the protection contract for 9 years. Insurance companies with hundreds of thousands.

However, this project is not profitable. Since the beginning of the project, in 2009, the company paid an indemnity to the Government Savings Bank and the death toll of more than 24,740 people, or up to 12,643 million baht, repayable to the heirs in case of excess debt. Outstanding balance of more than 773 million baht

This project has a single rate for all genders and all ages at 620 baht / year / per 100,000 baht insurance, which is calculated from the loan amount which is discounted and below the market price of about 15% . Pay 9 years in advance to cover the loan. Due to the fact that the student loan program requires that teachers have loan guarantors in accordance with the limit set by the Savings Bank. It requires 5-10 people to guarantee each other. If the borrower has died The guarantor must bear the remaining debt. It is difficult for teachers to find a guarantor. The company offers accident insurance and loans for health plans. It is guaranteed to all government teachers who wish. Without health examination The age of the first participant should not be greater than 65 years to secure the loan from 6 thousand to 3 million baht will be equivalent to insurance premiums for all age groups of all sex, as if the loan 3 million of baht 9 years They are about 90 thousand baht.

"We just do that.I decided to do it because I needed to help the teacher need a loan and use the policy as guarantor.but there are problems and charges that we have a lot of expensive prizes, once 9 years, so for the peace with all parties.As a result, the Company has adjusted the new premium model to be the annual premium rate.For teachers who want to buy insurance policy.To open the opportunity You can negotiate to find other insurance companies to ensure. And we're ready to get out of this project, "Somporn said.

New insurance

Mr. Somporn said. Previously the company had discussions with the Government Savings Bank and the Office of the Council for the Promotion of the Benefits and Welfare of Teachers and Educational Staff (SCBS) to negotiate with other insurance companies interested in securing the completion of the first day . Last month But can not be found. Because the new insurer offers premiums of up to 2x, the company expands for a year.

"If we stop the guarantee, I am concerned that there are good teachers who have been affected, so the company provides teachers who wish to guarantee their wishes, but the company has the right to choose whether to guarantee or not. now, because we do not need to pay more premiums for age.Like life insurance, said Somporn.

7 cake insurance companies

Mr. Prasitchai Soontaraphirom Executive Vice President Dhipaya Insurance Plc reported that "Prachachart Business" of SCG issued a letter inviting 31 life insurance companies and 31 non-life insurance companies. Krung Thai AXA Life Assurance, Bangkok Life Assurance Plc., Life Assurance Plc., Life Insurance Plc., Phillip Life Insurance Plc., Life Assurance Plc. Viriyah Insurance Co., Ltd. will consider only one.

Mr. Chatchai Boonrungvichai, Director of the Government Savings Bank, said that the GSB and the GSB are now in the process of selecting the insurer to secure the loan from the MPC teachers of all stakeholders. 7 people came to hear the terms and conditions of what protection is needed. The key is to calculate the premium without commission. To reduce premium to members. Can the best. Including the elimination of insurance benefits like the past to achieve transparency. Expected to be finalized by the end of this year, and in the year 2019, selected insurers will be able to guarantee the credit of the teachers in the project.

"We can not decide which company to look for.This will solve the problem by the members.can insurance cover with Dhipaya Insurance in the previous year.There are currently 80 to 90 percent of voluntary customers waiting for this insurance," he said.

How to adjust conditions.

Mr. Chatchai said. Currently the Bank has consulted with the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) and the Office of Insurance Commission requires insured companies to cover premiums based on gender and age. The age range is five years, for example, between the ages of 30 to 35 years, 40 to 45 years and up to 70 years, which will make the prizes are not equal. It's a form of life insurance.

"Women are less likely to die than men, so prizes should be cheaper," Chatchan said. "In older cases, there is a greater risk of death.

In the past, the Welfare Fund loan, the members of the Welfare Fund, helped most of the members of the Fellowship. The advantage and disadvantage. Therefore, the insurer came to offer this project. The premium rate as prescribed by the Insurance Office.

"Currently, there are over 4,000 teachers joining the program, representing 85% of accident insurance and health insurance coverage in the CSR project, where insurance is an option.


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