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Column: Chuk (Lahu) thinks

Author: Mr. Hua Dee

(The world of today, daily, daily, that 7 May 62)

On the occasion of the auspicious occasion of the coronation His Majesty the King granted pardon to corrections That the Government Gazette published the Royal Decree of Amnesty of 2562, which will come into force from May 4.

For the granting of pardon to the prisoners is considered an ancient tradition in the celebration of the coronation. And it is a tradition to follow in accordance with Section 6 of the Royal Decree. The prisoner who received the release was

1. There is a sentence of imprisonment for an additional penalty not exceeding one year.

2. Is there any characteristic as follows: Blind on both sides of the hand or both feet amputated, patients with leprosy Chronic kidney failure, AIDS, which the government has already treated for at least 3 months and can not be treated in prison And it was imprisoned for at least 3 years

Sick with cancer / AIDS in the end And can not cure in prison The woman who was arrested the first time And received a sentence of imprisonment not less than 1 in 2 of the penalty according to the penalty

At least 60 years of age and imprisonment for a penalty that must be received for no more than 3 years or a person over 70 years

He is the first prisoner And is no more than 20 years of age and was sentenced to not less than 1 in 2 of the penalty according to the penalty

He is a large prisoner And has a prison sentence for an additional penalty not exceeding 2 years

This real pardon will be a former prisoner, politician and political activist who was reduced and released early.


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