Rainbow Double vs. Rainbow Twin Column Time Wisdom by Bancha Thanabunsombat


Rainbow Double vs. Rainbow Twin Column Time Wisdom by Bancha Thanabunsombat

Everyone loves the beautiful rainbow in the sky. Even if you see a full rainbow Two of them together at the same time Even more exciting

The lower rainbow is brighter than the lighter color, called the primary rainbow.

The upper rainbow is brighter than the lighter color, called the secondary rainbow.

Each color of the rainbow has a simple way to remember: primary rainbow and secondary rainbow "Turn red to the other."

Once I knew this It shows that the primary rainbow (lower body) has a red color on the upper border and the purple color is the lower border The secondary rainbow (upper body) should have a red color on the lower border and purple on the top edge.

Westerners call the primary rainbow and the secondary rainbow together like a double rainbow.
The name Double Rainbow is here. Be careful not to be confused with the word "rainbow rainbow", which will be discussed later!

Take a look at Figure 1, taken by Mr. Teerayut Loipib, a specialist in astronomical information. It is located at the observatory in honor of the 7 year anniversary of His Majesty the King, Songkhla
Do you see the normal and extraordinary?

Image 1: double rainbow and twin rainbow
October 20, 2018 16.48 h (the sun is high from the horizon 16.8 degrees)
Observatory in honor of the king's seventh birthday, Songkhla
Photo: Theerayut Loipib

This is normal The secondary rainbow is the upper body, the color is lighter and the color red is lower as it should be.
This special is The lower primary rainbow is divided into 2 lines, each end converging. The rest is separate. And separated from each other as much as possible in the middle. This is called a twin rainbow or twin rainbow.

Interestingly, the order of each rainbow in this twin rainbow still has red on top and purple in the background as the normal primary rainbow

Khun Teerayuth, the photographer, told me that "At first I saw that it was not a twin rainbow." I saw only a couple of rainbows. two twins soon (about 2 minutes) and return to the same double rainbow. "

The question of how suspicious is the twin rainbow?

One theory is Two triple rainbow caused by water droplets in the air, 2 groups, each group has a different shape. That will make each rainbow of each group of water droplets, like a group of water droplets, a circular shape Because normal primary rainbow Another group of water droplets is distorted. Will make another rainbow near the normal line

However, it is also possible that the twin rainbow can be caused by two groups of water droplets, with droplets of water in each group having a distorted shape of both beads. One group is less distorted. Another group is more skewed than it is.

You may have a question Why can water droplets be spherical and distorted?

A response is If the droplet diameter is less than 1 mm, the surface tension will cause the droplets to become relatively complete beads. But if the water drops are larger than this The impact of the air while the drops of water fall will cause the water droplets to be distorted. The underside is quite flat. See Figure 2.

The shape of the raindrops-flow air-1mm-vs-2mm
Figure 2: The shape of the raindrops depends on the size.

Professor Les Cowley, a specialist in atmospheric optics, calculated the shape of a rainbow caused by two droplets of water, the first group being a sphere. The other group has a distorted shape. With a vertical axis length of 2.5% shorter, found to be effective as shown in Figure 3

Double rainbow vs twin rainbow
Twin Rainbow-BowSim-Nonspherical Drops
Image 3: Twin Rainbow Image Using the assumption that the spherical droplets mingled with twisted drops
Photo: Les Cowley

The study found that twin twins usually occur after heavy rain. Which, according to theory, means that raindrops (in heavy rain) have at least 2 different shapes

Interesting is Beyond the twin rainbow Still had a triple rainbow photo split with a Japanese photo taken in Japan As for the other images of the Thai people! (He will bring readers back)


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