& Quot; Jutathip & # 39; have a great chance of getting tickets to the Olympics – & # 39; Suthep Ink & # 39; is confident in doing the work as a target


"Seth Tuek" Gen. Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Thai Sports Association The Royal Patronage revealed that, according to the association, the aim was to push Thai cycling athletes. Take the quota for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. Between July 24 and August 9, for at least 1-2 people, Thai road bike athletes who have a very good chance of getting tickets to the Olympic Games, is "Beaz" Jutathip Maneepan, because now there is a cumulative score "Olympic Strength" of 83 people in the category of the International Cycling Federation or UA CI has set out to select athletes to compete fairly.

For women, UCC rules state that the nation with the "Olympic Strength" 1-22 will have quotas, the number of athletes chasing down to rank 1-5, 4 people, ranked 6-13. 3 people, aged between 14 and 22 years, can receive 2 people, a total of 62 people, but will have to see the individual score, consisting of 1 to 100, if there are athletes who are not unique, 22 nationals will receive 1 place cutting the Os data leaves 22 nationalities, such as the women's team of Thailand at the time. This "Olympic Force" is in 24th place, but Chutathip has an individual rating of 83. He will have the right to cut the quota of 62 people to 1 place. There is only one remaining quota, in addition to three continental championships, Asia, Africa and Oceania, as well as the quota of the host country, and two other female athletes will go to the Olympic Games. A total of 67 people

General Decha said however, Thai riders still have the opportunity to accumulate points at three major events, including the 2019 Asian Championships in Uzbekistan. Between April 23 and 28, the "Tour of Zhong Ming" tour in China between May 9 and 11 and "Tour of Trat" between May 24 and 26 In the province of Trat, where each item has many points to collect , especially the "Tour of Trat", which includes 125 race types and one race day, each of which is currently the 24th female team in Thailand with 171 points. Tour de Trat, Thai athletes can win both categories. Will receive an additional 250 points, a total of 421 points, ranking "Olympic Force", with the opportunity to climb to the top, can result in a share of 2-3 for the Olympic Games is due to the points. Of the country that is ranked 1-5, leaving the range to be ranked sixth down pretty much

"Suthep Ink" went on to say that In the men's team, there are similar rules, but "Olympic strength" will be selected from the national rankings with 1-50, ranked 1-6, 5 people, ranked 7-13, 4 people, ranked 14-21. 3 people, classified 22-32, 2 people and 33-50, 1 person, a total of 122 people, and the person will look at the rank 1-100 also, if not repeated in 1-50, the national will receive 1 quota. But will cut the national rights that are ranked 32 up and for the Thai team ranked 65 with 35 points but the men's team None of them are good hunters, scoring the Asian Championships. In Uzbekistan, from 23-28 April, the Tour de Coronation in South Korea, May 11-16, on the Tour of the Philippines, Philippines, May 14-18. Truid Programs in the Philippines (level 2.2 ), May 22-27, Tokyo Tests, Japan Events, July 21 (One Day Race 1.2) and Tour of Indonesia August 19-23

"Bicycle Sports Association Plan to send athletes to compete in all programs, including men's and women's teams, but for the men's team, they can send athletes alternately to compete between the Thailand Continental team, the great national team and the youth team but each item has an effect on the accumulation of points for all games of the Olympics Now, the greatest hope, we are in Jutathip, with Supakarnananta as an interpolation, because these two people have a female person rating.While male athletes have Sarawut Siriranachai and Chaiya Bank in their personal sense, they believe that Thai riders will be able to create good results.Especially the Trat tour, which expects Juthathip and his teammates and achieve the goals set, "concluded Gen. Deja.



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