PUBG added the skin of the Horizon character Zero Dawn to celebrate the second anniversary of the popular adventure game Open World.


PUBG Corporation He collaborated with Guerilla Games bringing the popular Horizon Zero Dawn game on the PS4 video game console to PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG). PSG game players can receive Horizon Zero Dawn character skins. Free from March 5 to April 5 of this year, log in to the game. With additional content to complete missions or reload

Items in the game PUBG + Horizon Zero Dawn include

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Mask

  • Play PUBG games within the specified time period of 10 games.

Top of the Eclipse Dawn Horizon Zero

  • All players who enter the game within the specified activity period will receive this item.

Zero Horizon Dawn Eclipse Kar98k

  • Received when the player scored up to 8,000 points

Horizon Zero Dawn Tray

  • Received when a player kills 10 opponents within a specified period of activity using a crossbow

You can follow the Horizon Zero Dawn game info at PUBG from today – March 28. For more details, visit the game PUBG at


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