Play Park launches "TS Online Mobile" with CBT on April 18


Play Park organizes the "TS Online Reunion" event for TS staff to launch the "TS Online Mobile" game and announced the opening of the beta test on April 18 on iOS and Android systems.

"TS Online Reunion" was held in District W on March 31. The atmosphere inside the event is filled with warmth between the staff and friends.Genators, in addition to meeting the fluffy mascot like "Yuck Duck", also have many activities for everyone. Have fun too

The main highlight of this event is the opening day announcement, the Close Beta April 18-22, which includes the first Thai version of "TS Online Mobile" to be tested in Thailand. With the script information and the version of the game that will open for the service, which is the Max Level 200, open the map for Saw Chou-Wai Hainan, World Boss Showdown The work asked questions. And listen to friendly reviews as well.

"TS Online" is a turn-based online game with the theme of the Three Kingdoms era. Players will meet the warlords in the Three Kingdoms. The story will have more exotic challenges from the novel. And the highlight is the introduction of almost all NPCs to join the combat team

For the mobile version, the system will be optimized to play on smartphones, adding AI and Auto systems, walking missions. Help to facilitate Add a random system, Khamphon (Kacha), add a new upgrade system, such as Advent 2, and accumulate cards to increase Bonus Status Add new daily activities, such as World Boss, single and party dungeons, and a lot more. This adds more fun and variety

"TS Online Mobile" will be ready to test during the Beta Closed from April 18 to 22. Pre-register now starting today – April 17 at Follow the movement in E fan page PlayPark TS Online TH

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