"PD" will invest 700 million baht in oil fund to support the B20 to absorb more than 30,000 tons of crude palm oil.


Miss Nuntika Tung Supanich Director General of the Department of Energy Business (DER) said that the Energy Policy Committee (EGM) meeting was chaired by Mr. Siriji Pongpan The Energy Minister chaired on November 8, approving the sale of B20 diesel for trucks. Public bus The ship was cheaper than normal 3 baht per liter at 5 baht per liter for a period of 3 months from 1 December, 61 to 28 February 2062. It is expected to use the fuel subsidy fund around of 700. The current budget of 10 million baht.

Measures to help absorb over-the-counter CPO are estimated at 3.13 million tonnes.
These measures will motivate large trucks to use more, because they have to admit that people using the B20 will have to modify the fuel filter. And there is a new oil change, which costs about 10,000 Baht per car.

As a result, BM will increase compensation for the B20, which is expected to result in a total of 8,000 trucks used by the B20, of which the B20 will be used. As of now, only 2,100 trucks will be used. E 64 ships

"Measures taken during the three months are expected by February 2062. There will be demand for B20 high-speed diesel, up to about 100 million liters per month. Currently, there are about 3.5 million liters per month, but currently there are 7 traders involved in the project, including PTT, PTT Petroleum and Retail (PTTOR), Bangchak, IRPC, SC, PT, Siam, Petroleum and Shell which are not sold at the general pump " Siri said.

For the progress of the fuel price subsidy for gasohol 91 and 95 to 3 baht for motorcyclists (Win Motorcycle) registered with the Land Transport Department. The government has not yet discussed this issue because it has yet to wait for the BOT to discuss with the Ministry of Finance project details, especially the format. The use of funds will be discussed next week.

The project will not be available until December 15.

"The former PTT project will pilot and subsidize oil prices. PTT has not yet refused to do so, but the Ministry of Energy would like to discuss the details with the Treasury before the payment format because it refers to certificates of welfare state. " Nantika said.


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