Patton stopped the pressure on Benz Racing.


Previously, the Mercedes Benz chariot Vor Roj Charoendee or the actor's Benz Racing husband – Pat Paapan Tantra Post message boils a gun to blow his brain. They also share news from a news agency. With the text about the severity of Facebook staff. It has become a hot topic for many people to panic.

The latest Nine Entertainment Live Talk Talking Pat Patty during the filming of the "hit ten days" which is host. This is my first post. And all people do not push Benz. And if anyone wants to curse, let's just curse on their own.

Asked about the interview that Pat would like to end with Benz. Including the story that Benz posted a gun?
"History has stopped." Pat never said he would stop the situation.I do not know what to do.But the status of husband and wife is the answer to Benz who will also be together.We are just parents.Nothing cut

Pat never said it stopped. On the same day Pat left to talk yesterday. Pat also said that we have to persuade Brother Benz to come to us at home. Let's play with our kids. I still can not sleep with my baby. "

Benz looks very hot head?
"It's now that Pat does not want anyone to press him, I can not stand the pressure of Benz, I have to understand that he just left." "Since he left, everyone watches a lot, squeeze him out to stay with us. With Father Everyone has many questions for him.

Pat now wants everyone to stop and encourage him. I do not know about Benz. I do not have to talk about this Benz.

I'm not a Benz. And do not be angry. It's an emotional state. I must say that about Mercedes Benz. I do not think he is. He was pressured by comments from the previous news, he was hit by the issue of going back to dating the good old man who is not known. But now he's gone.

It will be like this forever. We are the wife of a woman and the day to receive the flow of hope. I have to say that Benz goes on for the night. I do not care that Pat. This is not Care Care. If you ask Benz. Then Benz confirms that nothing. Pat will choose to believe me Benz "

Now how's that?
I do not know what to say. But it's the emotional pressure that he did something wrong. That's where the reporters came to interview Pat. He also asked about the problems of his former boyfriend, Pat said he had a lot of hope. If you do not have a photo, there is no proof. I also believe in Benz.

That said, it does not matter. I do not want to ignore Benz. I do not mind about it. That's what Pat is waiting for. How do you decide? But Pat does not put pressure on him. Let him choose. We are not pressured. But it has become social pressure. The mind is not well. The pressure is not right with him. He was so stressed. I want people to comment. If you want to curse me, Pat.

I want to tell people that they love Pat. Or protect And feel it 'Cause he did not stay where Pat was.
"There are two sides to the coin," said Pat. "It's only one side, but there are many aspects that you do not know, but try to comment, but the basis of all the comments that Pat knows is that it comes from love.But some comments are read, we can let go.But Benz is reading, He can feel it because everyone comments on it.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Or if you stick the hand itch to curse at Ip this. Pat, I do not know how to control the flow out there. I do not want to press Mercedes Benz on Facebook. Before the problem. If you followed Fez. He was so sad that he wanted to ride a motorcycle. But if he goes, he will fix it. It was pushed all the way.

What he's posting today Pat convinced us that we will help each other. It's the family that we try to help Pat and Brother Benz better. I did not talk to Mercedes Benz. I do not know what to do, I want everyone to follow the news to support the Mercedes.

Pat is acting very well, Pat all day long, Pat has tried to pacify. Find out the best way to run. For the Benz For the family Some people just do not know how to print. Or try to understand, but you may not know everything.

I do not want to talk about Benz. I do not mean Benz. I'm afraid if Pat said not to answer the Mercedes. People will focus on the subject. But as we say. It's just that we say weird. To interpret it again. "


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