"Pattama" confident "vision" to win the World Youth Championship 3 times "May"


Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul President of the Badminton Association of Thailand Congratulations to the "View" Kulwut Vittisan, who won the men's world championship badminton world championship for the second time after defeating Japan's Kodaikanara 2 games 21-9, 21-11 in the round . Final On the evening of November 18, local time in Canada. Or early in the morning of November 19 in Thailand.

Khunying Patama said: "After" May ", Ratchaprasong Inthanon won the" Hong Kong Open "Championship, which is a Super 500 World Tour on Sunday night. So the young Thai badminton players did a great job again when the" vision "Kulwut managed to keep up a great job The first Thai male to win And defending the World Youth Championship Previously, there were only three birdies to win the World Youth Championship, part of which is to admire the management and training team. House, Badminton House and Kulwut, which is committed to practice successfully, and create a reputation for Thailand again. "

"For Kulwuti, just 17 years old, he did a great job and there is a chance to make history to win the championship, for the third time the first male singles in the world.I like the junior team that Rush Bird made in the singles Fans are encouraged to continue. I believe Kulwut is another hope for the Thai national team in the future. "

2018 World Youth Championship Badminton Rookie Thailand Also won a bronze medal of the "early" Thanin good men with "Alex" Sosean Vichair, who lost to the championship this time and is a hand of China's program while Kulwut is. 2 of male Badminton in the history of the world The two men won the World Youth Championship after Chen Jing, the legendary Chinese plaster, in 2002 and 2004.

World Youth Championship of Thai Badminton players are as follows: single women "May" Rush Bird Inthanon 2009-2011, single men "See" Kulwut Wittisan year 2017-2018, male couple "basket" Rattanaproh with "Sky" Kitti Nongphet Gregorine 2014 and "A" Maneepong Chongchit with "Na".

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