Pat-Napapha is ambushed by a doctor waiting to clear the black ant.


February 27, at Siam Square One railway link Hold a press conference Starting the official application (GET) That has Pat – Napaphattrakul The young actress came to the event, ready to interview, update rumors, ambushing young doctor. With this status Benz Racing Is the husband considered clear?

Running Out

Is there news that we have a boyfriend?
"Antsak (Anasak Kacha Pha) Homework is very wrong In the morning I met my brother Kanchai Did he ask the young man that he was not talking to friends The elder said Wait if you meet You will have to ask where to get the news That's when the ants say the big brother was not in Thailand for Hong Kong.While this feed he jumped.He jumped to the size that a close friend, Pat, asked OK, okay, friend, meng? to think that we can really see a male doctor? Is this really true? Because Pat knew and would be a doctor, moreover, there was no layout that appealed to the younger. Someone is around Want to be a businessman or an actor Still have enough, but this one jumped in a doctor Let's sit down and think Let's talk to anyone who is a doctor and a man. to sit and think about it I would say being a personal doctor, running is not (laughs) The good thing the gold master has is good. "

Were they cleaned with the ants?
"It's better you wait to see you.This speaks really Subject to calling or finding We feel it is not We are waiting to talk better, from where to really get it from friends, he guesses a lot about who or the clinic.He's going to use mine To be ready to answer questions So there is a link To your clinic But do we think it will be like this or the ants are wrong.

Do we provoke black ants?
"Pat talked to the young man that Ants knew all things Except for the true story (laughs) This, Pat had to talk to him one by one. That he had taken the manure from where, because he would normally quit Should have some information that he knows But here she insists on sitting and leaning back.That if there is a patch, it may have to say Because we have children We feel that if we have something here It must be a story We have to explain on the father's side (Benz Racing) as well. He should tell us.

When there is news, do people think we are single?
"Yes, some people have news People interpret it Okay, now we're single, of course Because we're clearly separated As saying we keep the status alone Pat's the mother Benz's the father And one thing people interpret That Pat did not come back to find Benz Cause we already have a new one So I did not catch the Benz It was interrupted What is not true at all It was earlier In fact he was afraid of the side of his Benz How would he feel First we have children together. "

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Benz asked about this?
"Pat says Ben Benz does not ask 'Cause he already knew that if Pat had a girlfriend, he would have to talk to him Because with enough kids we have One thing, the first thing is we have to worry about our kids. And one day, Ben Benz, who has a day, must be with him And the feeling that the person is not us No, my mother had to sit and talk to because he now knows about And I also know a lot The important question is, if it really happened Pat would have to talk and have to talk. "

The status of Pat and Benz now is clear that they are not husband and wife, right?
"If you ask Pat for a while, then Why after Benz returned We never live together And what we talk about It's a general matter And there are no related problems Between husband and wife That we have not yet registered since the beginning

If after that there's news that Benz or Pat have others. Do not be surprised, right?
"Do not be surprised. Pat gives everyone the opportunity, including Benz."

What is Benz doing now?
"At the moment, Benz is doing a complete shop, in fact, the main job is Benz." Take care of the shop that sells spare parts. "And then the motorcycle Both the second hand, everything and its main character, are the presenters. Including taking pictures of various motorcycle brands New out Each person will have a magazine for him to take pictures Including various promotional activities Still a Benz

Thinking about having to hold a knee, talk about status?
"It was so hard to say.That day, when we spoke, there was no positive, no negative, so we could interpret it.It must be so That the time has been asked now It was time enough to make it clear.It is clear of itself There was a Pat then thought it would be the answer to the patch itself.At the time we told everyone clearly that we now have a status After that day, there was nothing else.Then we interpret ourselves as that. "

It is if this status is left How are parental rights shared?
"At that point, Pat said directly to Benz.What Pat would like to be determined Because we've been there for many years And Pat has a plan that's pretty clear So I told her that Benz was really sorry but asked to help him in the If we are convenient or convenient Benz can come and pick it up When it is time to send it That plan will be clear again during the month of September, when the students participate We have to sit down and talk seriously. children? "

What about the cost?
"Share (smile), cute Benz." He goes to give each month. "Pat did not follow anything, we are sure he will give you the course." As for school expenses We speak first. then we sit down to talk again. "

And the right to raise children like we are Benz is well?
"This story is very difficult, but we think that Benz should understand that we've been full for 2 years and Pat believes that many of them like he just wanted to play with some kids. the places Elder Benz, he felt he had to bring his kids to be with him.But maybe Pat would feel more comfortable with him.But we do not prohibit Benz from coming Benz has come to work with all of you.Wanna play together Like a birthday We are so happy that Benz asked him to celebrate the party. I'm glad that my Mercedes Benz came to see us at home. "

So the love story of Pat Since the race How do we look at love?
"At this point, there is no one who does not think of love or love." Pat now loves work and loves children. asks all the time Over the past period We want to have one The friend asked the status of how it became clear Pat said that now I do not think If we talk about it, this is just Still we're not looking at anyone Because Pat now gave to him one hundred percent ".

Do we care about your feelings, too? If someone shared love?
"On the one hand, we think that someone will love us as much as we do." "And his father?" "We still can not see if anyone will love us so much with Benz.

In conclusion, now is the end of the couple's life, right?
"As Pat knew what to say, but now, Pat and Benz? Not living together from the day he left there until today, we never lived together for a long time.

And how do we prepare the answer for races?
"The question that Pat thinks every day is how to talk to him, because we know that if he goes to school on the first day, people will have to ask him for sure. It's a thing that we think about every day Sit down and talk to yourself every day.You mean this Or talk to my dad is really hard, we understand everyone who has children and does not live together And we have to find the answer to the child That we know that someday we should talk The people who talked about it were not too far away I see you every day so he suggests but it depends on us How is the situation?

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