Oppo will unveil a prototype of a borderless smartphone screen that hides the camera underneath the screen.


After the news that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer began to invent the technology to hide the camera under the smartphone screen successfully a few months ago. (Read more, click !!) Last path Oppo It was prepared as the first brand that will officially unveil the smartphone with this technology to the public.

Oppo will unveil an unlimited smartphone prototype that hides the camera under the June 26 screen.

Oppo to demonstrate its smartphone with sub-display camera on June 26

Since June 26, this meeting with the Asia Mobile World Congress (MWC19) will be held in Shanghai, China. Oppo is not waiting to get ready to deliver a smartphone prototype without a border that can hide the front camera below . The screen was shown in this first official event in the world.

For those who are confused about how smart phones with such technology are On Twitter from Oppo, there is a small clip to dipping sauce before seeing each other in this event, however, if the site has information and more details about this story Go rush to upgrade with certainty

Source: GSMArena

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