Opening the "Mobile Camp" after the delivery "M.444" makes way for the 5G-Prachachat Business


  1. Opening the "Mobile Camp" after delivery "M 44" paves the way for the 5G Prachachat Business
  2. The NBTC is preparing to allocate this 700 MHz surge in June if the mobile camp does not participate. Did not receive the right to extend the payment of online manager fees
  3. Expect digital TV operators Represents a license 7-8, Delhi Nice Channel
  4. The NBTC eliminated the license price from 700 MHz to 2.5 billion for 3 mobile camps, expanding to 5G, the digital TV, requesting the return of May 10.
  5. & Quot; NBTC & # 39; reiterated the 44-night television channel – extends the pay period of 900 MHz wave. Made for the nation's voice TV
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