"One Suriya", the owner of the song "Want to plow the younger brother", sing "Solve the plow for children" of "Mee Zee Sunisa"


A Suriya from a country boy Has dreams of becoming a singer artist since childhood Before coming today …

At the age of 13, he applied to be a singer in the band "Somthawin Rock Tribute". A test pass Joined the team for more than 3 years

When he was 15-16 years old, he moved to school. Go to study in the district of Sikhoraphum And received an induction from Ajarn Wachara Hai was singing as a singer in the band "Nun, Ms. Arun Rung", which is a famous Kantrum band in the northeast province of the country under the "Prone Sound", which has created many celebrities like Dagi. Rock Trum and Rock Constant

After that, "Tei Sikhoraphum" was approached by one. Released the first single The song "The Revenant" came back with the support of "Achan Nate ca" before taking one to meet "Sawasdi Sarakham". At that time, Sawasdi was able to meet with Lee Si. Chumphon and Sonsinchai, who received many directions and instructions on the transfer of subjects

Later, one of the soldiers was able to capture a red card. It's the same rhythm that T "sent the song" The man who brought it back "entered the contest of the R. Siam Country Festival, one of which participated in the singing contest. Participate in the final contest. To select to be a singer of R. Siam, but because one is a military service So I can not go to dream as a singer.

In the last two years, a soldier was dismissed, Kru Nate, CA and Tisikhoraphum auditioned. Try singing at Generals' camp.

Mr. Phonphon Chimtawee Bos Yai, General Entertainment Camp Heard the screams and saw the voice of Suriya, so he signed Immediately become an artist Before the release of the first single, "There is a way to survive" and is a guest artist at MV. "Plowing for the Sisters" The famous song of Mee Zee Sunisa Wong Si Kaew, who has a nationwide curse of dance by one of Suriya plays as a boy. This came to help plow young Maddi Earlier this year

To this day, Suriya has released a single song. "I want to plow my little brother" to sing and edit. Up to the General Entertainment YouTube channel

On March 27, 62, 7 days ago, the top view was 12K.

One Suriya told the fans that

"Personally, I want to leave fans all over the country helping to be a strong force. Let the country's children come to find the dream, have a heart of love in the northeast country music, let fans who often in the singing voice, help the applause to help share an opportunity to put me in the hearts of brothers and sisters. One of the fans, I want to plow and hear the whole country. "


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