Oh, Markie, the mother of that red label is lean.


The last image of Marki – A close friend reveals the image of a young woman, a red-breast mother. MARKI RASI After giving birth to twins My little sister Mika A few days

Recently went out to meet friends with young peoplePokphassornkorn Then my husband saw a complete picture of Margie's girl. "The mother is very thin." It is believed that the smaller and thinner legs actually have a reduced weight.

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While Mae Nong Onsri Mother of Margie's daughter Post photos of daughter With the legend of why The daughter weighed less than nine days and reduced to 22 pounds, returning to the same 48 pounds as well. "On April 4, 2019, at three o'clock, before entering the delivery room !!! Rasi called Mae Neng"

Ma Ma Ma, come see me !!!! Mae Neng is excited, thinking that the child will call to embrace !!!!! She whispered to her mother, "Do not forget to call my mother.I ask Kukluea, Mackerel and big shrimp for my mother to do it after birth.I want to eat a lot.My mother made the most delicious food in the world 55555555

This is the speech before entering the delivery room of Rasi !!!!And after the second day of birth, my mother hurried with all the items Rasi wanted Rice cooked with mackerel is very delicious, not even a little rice.

So why does the Zodiac really want to make Rasi eat every day until he leaves the hospital !!!!! Hey, this is an intensive weight loss formula after Rasi's birth !!!!! ! 5555!Thanks @maenou_cholumpi Really delicious I steal my baby for a while If I have to do this, I would like to be the mother.

While still taking pictures of friends and friends visiting In addition to seeing the image of the Pok father, helping the wife to raise the baby, carrying the baby, raising the child, father style, rap handle, carrying, swaying and calming the baby to sleeping all the time.

More twins give direct luck Pok posted photos of his son Mika with the caption: "Did anyone get the lottery this round? # Tail number 23 # Hair weight 2.3 #Jan Meekaamtangjung"


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