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No warning sign! Park the shock in the middle of the train.

Collision train

No warning sign! Parked in the middle of the train tracks

Collision train / On 28 April, Colonel Sommart Sangthong, inspector of the Thap Sakae Police Station, received a notification of a Sprinter train accident. At the intersection of Brahma Sala, Moo 1, Sub-District In Huawang, Sub-District In Huawang, Thap Sakae District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Therefore, reported to the supervisor and immediately traveled to check the scene. Together with the rescue team of the Sawang Rungruengthammasat Thap Sakae Foundation

By the scene I found this in the main area at 343 + 189 km of the State Railroad of Thailand Police officers detected pickup trucks Toyota Vigo, 4 doors, silver bronze, registration number 7812, Prachuap Khiri Khan Falling next to the railway, which is digging deep to adjust the area to create a double railway. At the end of the right pickup There were traces that were completely destroyed. The door on the right is open.

Also found The Sprinter Train 40, Surat Thani – Bangkok, parked about 400-500 meters away from the scene. There is a train officer coming down to check the scene before changing the train to Bangkok.

Since the initial examination, the driver of the truck named Pornthip, 58, told the team to listen to the incident with an alarming attitude that before the incident he had driven a truck. Follow the path to return home with a 10 year old nephew sitting in front of the car.

Upon arriving at the site It is a train cut with automatic barrier He confirmed that he had not seen the warning light and could not hear that the train was coming. So driving through the railroad as usual But upon arriving in the middle of the train The character is riding on the rails. Suddenly the wood came down and closed both in front and behind Making him unable to continue driving In shock, so quickly turned to look for a train along the train Even more shocked When he saw that the train was running in your car at high speed

He did not decide to drive the car, but decided to open the door of the truck and ran to get his nephew out of the car and ran to escape the train in time. Wid

When he saw that he and his nephew had fled Therefore, looking back It is the same pace as the train collides with his pickup High Noise The force of the collision caused its pickup trucks to fall on the side of the trench train until they were damaged. But fortunately he and his nephew are safe

However, when such events occur Villagers who live near the scene said the same voice as Railroad track at the intersection Frequent problems Sometimes there is no beep. Or the barricade collapsed alone, without the train, etc., that the villagers who used the route had to be careful. However, the police will investigate the cause of the actual accident that this accident. What is the cause?

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