No problem! France opened the home game against Iceland's 4-0 qualifying stage at Euro 2020.


French midfielder A strong form in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round after opening the home game against Iceland 4-0 to win 2 home games to reach the crowd

Deschamps expects tough game against Iceland

UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers, March 25, France opens the home to visit Iceland.

After 12 minutes, the home side scored the first goal in the back when Jaime Paar Pavar opened the ball for Keilian Mubpeep. Door to door France took the lead 1-0 before

France almost scored the second goal in the 15 minutes of the second half when Pavar opened the ball to the middle of the match when Olivier Giroud won the first tackle, but Johannes Hullson, Auschwitz. Earth You can still throw the ball away

In the 24th minute, France had another chance in the rhythm that Mappepreport escaped after the Icelandic shores. Before shooting with the right The ball fell a few posts.

The 41 minutes, France had a chance of the pace of the rear panel, Iceland cleaned the ball without losing the ball to Pavar's path. The ball crossed the bar to finish the first half and France took Iceland 1-0.

The second half was Iceland with the first chance in the 49th minute. Aron Gunnarsson paid the ball to Birkirir B. Narnson to try to shoot outside the penalty area into the hands of Uggoris in Can save

France scored 2-0 in the second half and Pavar picked up the starboard ball. Before opening in the middle The ball ricocheted in Huldsson's hands before going to Olivier Chiride to charge with his left thigh to go to the goal as the 35th in the Chelsea national team.

At 78 minutes, France scored the third goal of the win at Antoine Greece, and broke the gap in the first half of the match, hitting the ball.

France scored the fourth goal in the 84th minute of the second half of the final against Huldsson.

Rest time None of the parties can score more goals. At the end of the game, France opened the home game against Iceland 4-0 and won the second game. Making them have 6 points, maintaining the position of the Group H fans. Iceland has 3 points, ranking 4th in the group.


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