News Channel 3 Story This morning – Yamin Pradamongkolmongkolkaew Subdistrict, Sommai Muay Thai Rajadamnern


April 26, 2019 | 1 minute 51 seconds

Boxing Effects Rachadamnoen Muay Thai On April 25, 2019

Starting with a pair of singles before the live broadcast, progressive soccer player Prachin Angthong opened today the way for Super Ball 99 to avenge at the coordinate of 131. The first three rounds are progressions that put the left punch better. Advancing in the knee But the final breakthrough was still a trick to throw away the game, hit the score Reiterate the original movie roll

Pair Ek brings the auspicious item of S. Sommai Sawangmeng, the weight advantage of the Yamin PK Sanchai, Muay Thai, gym, 2 pounds, punching the coordinates of 132-130 pounds, despite the weight, but not of the height. Throughout the fight was Yamin Relying on the length of the great left Free himself from all kicks. Raising the auspicious final glass, punching the punch, but can only be timid.

Concluded as a gift to the wife who was about to give birth next month. And finally closed to the boxer PK Sansachai Muay Thai Gym to win all 3 triumphs, closing the door to more than 1 million 6 hundred thousand baht

BattleRachadamnoen Muay ThaiThe break of one week will return to meet with boxing fans on Thursday, May 9 This is the battle of Petch Yindee, Ek Yothin F. Ekkachai, Patak Sinbee Muay Thai, Channel 28, broadcast live from the 8:30 p.m. Foward

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